How I Do It: An Interview with SARK

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Radiant. Uplifting. Completely, utterly creative.

That’s SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) in a nutshell.

This is a woman who seriously oozes joy. I don’t think it would be wrong of me to say she’s the very definition, in fact. With passion and purpose colliding in one potent, powerhouse package, reading SARK’s, words you can’t help but be swept up in that wild-hearted energy that beams off the pages. She’s quite simply, divine.

It was in a second-hand bookstore about 7 years ago that I picked up my first SARK book, immediately taken by the colours and her signature handwritten scrawl, and like so many others, I’ve returned to them time and time again to feel their sacred heartbeat. They’re the perfect blend of art and cosy conversation – and go much deeper than first appearances suggest.

As well as a multitude of programs, products, and a gorgeous Tedx talk, SARK has written 16 best-selling books (yep, holy prolific!) including Succulent Wild Woman and Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper, both personal favourites. She writes about everything from fear to love, to money and sex, but I think the thing I take most from her writing is the way she articulates the intricacies of womanhood. Glorious and real.

I’m so honoured to be featuring her wise words here today as she peels back the curtains to share ‘how she does it’.

Introducing: Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.

Let’s kick off with a biggie. Why do you do what you do?

The alternatives were so dreadful ;-)

After I had 250 jobs from ages 14 to 26, I declared that I would be an artist or writer – no matter what. I then opted out of the money system for 10 years and lived on barter and trade. I began to express and share my creativity in ways I had only dreamed of. I loved it and knew I had ENDLESS creative gifts to share. That’s when I began to embody and live my purpose; to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love. I do this through my art, words and spirit.

What are three of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt over the years about life, creativity and running a business with soul?

1 // Study money as energy so you can receive it as well as spend it.

2 // “Never, never, never, under any circumstances, face facts.” Ruth Gordon (what she said).

3 // Invest in yourself and your business as a spiritual practice.

Describe your writing process. How do you do it?

It does me! My Inner Wise Self has wisdom to deliver and I create the conditions to let it be expressed. Creating the conditions consists of 3 significant transformational processes that I created:

1 // Inner Feelings care system

2 // Inner Critic care system

3 // Inner Wise Self; Activated and Empowered

SARK wallpaper

I know that there’s rarely a ‘typical’ day in the life of a writer/ entrepreneur/ creative goddess, but can you talk a bit about how you approach your work? What does a week in your life usually entail?

Being creatively alive in every area of my life.

Being present to what is.

Being willing to do my transformative practices and processes, with myself and others.

Being a “minister of love” as often and in as many ways as I can.

Living like a full cup of self love, sharing the overflow with the world.

When I feel half empty, which is every day, I fill myself back up from the inside – like a succulent plant does.

Routines and rituals for the soul: can you tell us about the little – or big – things that keep you feeling grounded, joyful, connected, inspired?

// Taking Miracle Walks – where you put your hands palms up and say “miracle find me now,” then tune your vision to see and experience miracles – tiny or large. Then share what you find and invite more!

// Allow and welcome spontaneous activities and events

// Be an adventure.

// Be intimate with the world and be surprised.

The not-so-hot days. We all have them. How do you combat overwhelm and self-doubt?

You don’t combat anything.* You acknowledge, honor and express all your feelings consistently so they can soften and change shape. You still have challenging emotions and experiences- you just don’t spend so much time there. You live in self love and exquisite self care, you transform overwhelm and self doubt with the help of your activated and empowered Inner Wise Self.

*[Rach: love this reframe so much!]

SARK wallpaper desktop


I feel empowered, electric, alive, the most ME when… I’m writing or creating.

I feel restricted when… I allow myself or others to block my energy from flowing naturally.

I’m inspired by… LIFE.

My current mantra/ affirmation is… ALLOW.

To wrap up, imagine you’re sitting in conversation with yourself in 10 years time. What are you doing? What does your life/ business look – and feel – like?

I’ll be at the brink of 70, with my beloved partner, laughing and living deeply, creatively, consciously and lovingly.

We’ll be teaching, creating, and continuing to illuminate our souls and others who resonate. Life is rich, full and ripe.

We live our adventures with this quote by me; “The opposite of old is not young. The opposite of old is new. As long as we continue to experience the new, we will gloriously inhabit all of the ages that we are.”

What a woman! Let’s hear some SARK lovin’ in the comments below!

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  1. I think I have a huge crush on SARK! This interview is beautiful and just what I needed to hear today ! I can literally feel my being vibrating after reading this.

  2. I always love to hear more about how creatives live their lives and this is a perfect example. This is interview is juicy, succulent (to use a SARK-ism) and perfect to read on Thursday afternoon as the week winds down. Thanks for bringing it to us Rach.

  3. This is a great interview because it is a reminder that we can do life our own way. 10 years not using money/only a barter system? That’s pretty rad and shows that anything is possible. Go Sark!

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