2014: Lessons, Loves + The Moments that Moved Me


This year felt like a series of divine assignments, stacked neatly upon each other.

It was a year of mind-boggling highs.

Where bold intentions were scrawled on Post It notes, shoved under crystals… and made manifest.

Where I softened, stretched, released, rejoiced.

It was one of guidance AND resistance.

2014 was the year I drilled right down into my ‘me-ness,’ with intention.

It was EPIC on all fronts.

My wise and luminous friend Ezzie, who I’ve had the pleasure of deepening a friendship with in the past twelve months, said to me in a reading before the last New Year dawned:


 ‘This is a coming of age year. Time to stand up as a leader, being prepared to shoulder responsibility as well as to enjoy the fruits of a long labour. Not a comfortable time, necessarily, but a time of coming into your power in a whole new way. It’s also a year of laying foundations for what’s to come in 2015.’ 


This post has grown into what is now a 15 page PDF, available for download right here :: 2014 in Review – Rachel MacDonald :: 

I hope you enjoy it, and, as always, I love hearing your comments below.

Have a beautiful, happy, abundant New Year!

High: A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace | Chatting to Tara Bliss


Today’s post is a special one because I’m celebrating a huge milestone in the life of one of my closest friends, Tara Bliss — the release of her debut book High: A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace.  

Over the past two years, I’ve been in what I consider a privileged position of watching along intently, with equal parts awe and excitement, as this beautiful woman has devoted herself to writing this book.

Let it be declared: High is one hell of a creation. But we’ll get to that soon.

We all love a sneaky peek behind the curtain, and whilst I’m only giving you a taste of the whole enchilada, behind-the-scenes…

The two of us have trekked kilometres of sand (as we tend to do) up and down the shoreline, where Tara has shared her progress, her epiphanies, the challenges, the heartfelt desires, the little cumulative steps that have merged to bring High to fruition. Brick-by-brick. Day-by-precious-day.

I’ve seen her put that intricate puzzle together, and pull it apart again — only to piece it back with even more consideration and dedication to the message.

I can picture her lit-up, Bali-sweat-glistened face beaming back at me over Skype while she was there writing the first iteration (a full draft in 28 days — whoa.)

If you’ve ever seen someone pregnant with purpose… you’ll know exactly what I mean. 

Now that the book has been metaphorically birthed, I wanted to have a quick chat to this lady love of mine to share a few more insights, which you’ll hear by hitting Play below.

As we were playing back the video before uploading it last night, my husband turned to me and said ‘I’m just so happy for Tara.’

I think it’s damn near impossible not to feel moved and inspired by her divine commitment to this much-needed message — and the souls that need it most.

Amongst other things, in the vid Tara and I explore:

// How High came about, and how this epically crafted book has evolved since its inception

// What Party Girl Tara was like, and what her days ‘in the party’ robbed Tara of that she now has in abundance

// Her interpretation of peace today

// The sections of the book that were the easiest to write — and those that brought up the most resistance (and why)

Friends, I encourage you — with the utmost enthusiasm — to get this book in your life.

Instigate a little radical self-reflection and allow High to soothe and heal the parts of yourself that you may not even consciously know need attention.

Regardless of whether you’ve found yourself in the vortex of the FOMO-fuelled, ‘endless party’ or not, you’ll nod/ smile/ shed a tear of recognition when reading Tara’s searing stories about self-betrayal, tangled relationships, transition, fear, wavering confidence… and the rest.

What I know for sure is you’ll applaud her vulnerability, her courage and her gift of illuminating what needs to be said… lovingly and unapologetically.

This mighty book speaks to universal themes and the collective consciousness, so as you’re reading, listen up as the voice of truth — the voice of YOUR highest self — booms from its pages.

I couldn’t be more proud. High is an exceptional read that will stay with you long after you close its covers.

To get your hot lil’ hands on High.

Right here is where you’ll find all the important details, including where to purchase the various formats (audio, Kindle and paperback), plus chapter previews and THAT stunning intro video.

AND :: here’s the direct link to purchase the audio book* if you want to take this baby on your next beach walk/ hike/ road trip, and you can’t wait a moment longer.


* Heads up: I’m an affiliate for the audiobook.

If you enjoyed this video Peace-seekers, let’s spread the love to support the #highpeace revolution! Big love. x

Well, hello there


It feels strange to kick this off with ‘Gosh, it’s so good to be back,’ because in many ways, I’ve spent more time online over the past few months than I ever have.

Here, though, not so much. And it DOES feel damn good to be back, sharing from this space.

Let me give you a bit of the back story.

This year, I’ve been blessed, humbled, thrilled beyond thrilled to have experienced what I can only describe as phenomenal growth in my business.

It’s been electric. I’ve been rocked. I’ve cried — in disbelief, AND in overwhelm. Old stories have been blitzed. I’ve done The Work. All of it.

And while it wasn’t intended, being present for this ‘stepping up’ process inevitably meant that I had to make a choice to be ‘un-present’ in other areas, temporarily.

With two big (as in, 750+ enrolments, big) launches for my Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted ecourse since February*, what I also found happening was I was called to wholeheartedly embrace my ‘teacher/ mentor’ essence, and — besides cranking out 70 odd thousand words for the course content — my ‘writer’ decided it was time for some creative replenishment. She was ready for a little downtime.

I had words, but I had no words. If you’ve been there too, you’ll know exactly what I mean with that little contradictory statement.

The good news is, with the dawn of Spring has come a new season in my creative life, and with the new energy that’s come rushing in, I’m feeling, again, READY TO WRITE.

Everything I do (in business, and in life) is by feel, and while I can say it, if I don’t feel it, that disconnect will always leave me spinning my wheels.

I feel it now. 

* More on launching to come in future posts. 

So, what else has been happening lately?

// If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we moved house. I have a gorgeous office; it’s light-filled and peaceful and full of things I love (books, crystals, plants and prints.) Promise I’ll snap some pics and give you a tour soon.

// Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted was featured in the Huffington Post. (!)

// This week, I did a photoshoot for a SUPER exciting opportunity (a vision board intention that’s become a reality, in fact.) You’ll be the first to know once I can share all.

// I’ve been relishing my role as an assistant life coach trainer for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Seriously — look out world. There are some incredible new life coaches joining the ranks, and our world will be a better place for it. Their enthusiasm for this game-changing industry I feel blessed to be part of is behind inspiring, and reminds me weekly how deeply transformative the coach-client relationship can be.

// I have approximately 50 blog posts inside me that I’m burning to birth.

// I’m going to be really transparent and say — my heart has been calling for a rebrand for some time now, and I’m feeling the pull more than ever. This online home of mine has served me beautifully, but it doesn’t look like me anymore (I compare it with wearing a dress you bought three years ago. Still a great dress, but not so much your current style.)

Design-wise and branding-wise, it’s time to think about pulling this space forward to a place that feels soulfully aligned with where I’m at and where I’m going. That said, I’m not exactly sure where my rebrand fits in at this point in time — right now doesn’t feel like the time to ‘define’ that in precise terms (how’s that for vague?!) — but thinking about RachelMacDonald.com makes me smile. Evolution, baby.

Finally, my mentor Belinda Davidson and I recently had a conversation around ‘How to stay true to your spiritual self in the online world’ and I wanted to share it here because there are some juicy takeaways that I know you’ll get a lot out of if you’re a blogger or online entrepreneur in the self-empowerment/ spirituality realm yourself.

We chat about:

  • How to blog from the heart and soul, and create devoted followers
  • How to find your own authentic voice and brand online
  • How to disconnect from the “ego” of the online world (and not derive your self confidence from how many Facebook followers you have!)
  • How to stay soul-centred whilst interacting on social media

Heads up: the interview was recorded to complement the current launch of Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic, which I’m a proud affiliate for because (a) no-one is teaching this work in the profoundly liberating AND practical, doable way that B does, and (b) when someone gives you the depth of insight Belinda does, and you know, changes your life… shouting about their program is a no-brainer. I know I’ll always look back at the time I first started working with Belinda’s teachings as a ‘pivotal’ moment in my life. ‘When your energy works, your life works’, as she so perfectly expresses.

Join SoMM here.

To wrap up, the result of my time away from the blog is that I’ve developed a deep respect for the ebb and flow nature of existence, and I’ve been reminded that it’s not enough to say you need to step back and narrow in without actually HONOURING that (from someone with a past pattern around pushing through, feels like I’ve rewired a stubborn part of my brain here!)

It’s so, so good to be ‘home.’ I love you guys.

Exploring Bali: Part Two


I walked into the hotel room, dropped my suitcase on the floor and proceeded to cry.

My husband looked at me, half-worried, half-confused, full of love:

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. They (the hotel staff) are just so beautiful. It’s all so beautiful.” (sound of husband’s brain exploding goes here.)

This is what Ubud does to you.

Well, let me elaborate on that. I can’t actually guarantee this lush cultural heartland-slash-haven for spiritual seekers will literally bring you to tears… but there’s no denying there’s a special something woven into the fabric of this town.

While my tears were born out of an intense sense of love and oneness and joy and connection, I’ll admit there was something else going on too. A handful of them were born out of good ol’ fashioned frustration.

I’d been battling with a strained neck for two days before we arrvied in Ubud (and by strained, I mean, completely, painfully locked up) and it seemed a cruel twist of fate to be staying in a hotel next door to the famed Yoga Barn – a spot at least 20 people had said I ‘MUST!’ visit.

Active holidays are my bag. Movement is my bag. Yoga has over the past while, become a soul essential.

But – as is the exquisite nature of life – we’re always given what we need, and just because I couldn’t practice yoga physically didn’t mean I couldn’t practice yoga.

Blazing awareness. 

Conscious observation of the wandering mind.

Detachment. Surrender. Releasing the binds of self-judgement. 

Yes. Yes. And yes.

And so it was that in a town where it seems every second sweat-gleaming, mat-toting person wandering the streets was either going to or coming from a yoga class, I wiped away a few tears and found my peace sitting on a hotel bed gazing out at the rice fields doing absolutely nothing at all.











Ubud serves up a whole lotta vegetarian and organic options (hurrah!) and we loved:

Kafe: Home to the yoga crowd, Meg’s salad bowl and super tasty buckweat pancakes. Add it to your Ubud list, my friend. (there’s also one at The Yoga Barn.)

Clear Cafe: we got hydration crazy here with juices, tonics and smoothies. Such a gorgeous rainforest-y setting (sitting upstairs is the best).

On the list for next time:

A lot. Namely, Mozaic | Sari Organik | The Yoga Barn (+ ecstatic dance party) | Alchemy



We stayed at Alaya Resort and you can probably read between the lines here to deduce it was absolutely DIVINE. Love love love. The decor had me swooning as much as the staff did.

A spa treatment at the beautiful on-site Dala Spa is also blissfully recommended.

[Photos: Wandering the streets of Ubud x 3; Kafe x 2; on our balcony at Alaya; Dala Spa, Alaya; Clear Cafe.]





Our stay in Ubud was (way too) short this time around and before we knew it, our driver had arrived to take us back to the beach. Destination: the Bukit Peninsula.

More specifically: Bingin. 

The theme of our stay on the Bukit was ‘chill.’

And chill we did.

Reading by the pool. Lazy lunches lounging on the day beds at The Cashew Tree. Beach hangs. Creative sessions snapping photos. Beach walks. Rock climbing. Giggling at monkeys ‘surfing’ down the sloping concrete support beams underneath the bridge at Padang Padang.

It was total bliss. 






DSCF0714 copy



The Cashew Tree. This café/ restaurant/ bar was our main hang out when we we stayed on the Bukit Peninsula – in fact, we could usually be found here twice a day ordering green juices, salads and Mexican munchies. Thursday night is all about The Par-tay and scores of surf-bronzed babes and dudes seem to wriggle out of the Bukit woodwork (where are these peeps hiding during the day? Oh, right. The surf. Gotcha.) As the sun went down, this sleepy café came alive with tunes and cheap drinks.

CIRE restaurant at Alila. A spectacular location for a special anniversary dinner. Contemporary, pristine and unbelievably stylish and the food? OH EM GEE. Two small suggestions from me to you if you’re going to check it out: the night we were there the restaurant was super quiet so it would be best to experience it at full capacity on a weekend. Also, arrive earlier in the afternoon to take in a sunset over the cliffs. We’re kicking ourselves we missed it.

Single Fin. Whether you go here for a night out, a bite to eat or simply to snap a sunset pic from the huge outside deck, Single Fin is an Uluwatu mainstay and THE place to be on a Sunday night.



We stayed at The Shack and adored it. Check it out here. (and ps: Bali Retreats is fantastic for booking accom in the Bukit area.)

[Photos: Bingin x 3; Padang Padang; Uluwatu x 2; our villa; Buddha Soul; Bingin x 2]


RANDOM SIDE NOTE: Looking to get a leather jacket/ boots/ bag made in Bali? Look no further than @thebalitailor on Instagram. I got a fab jacket made over there and the whole process was so effortless!

There you go, beauty, Part One and Part Two of our Bali trip! I hope you enjoyed these little insights into our island adventure.

As always, I encourage you to jump on in to the comments and share/ ask away – if there’s anything I can help with, you betcha I will.

And before I go, don’t forget to share this post around the webs using the buttons below. Terima Kasih!

Exploring Bali: Part One


From the moment you leave the airport and you’re hit – BAM! – with a rush of heat, Bali grips you.

It’s intoxicating. 

It was our first trip over to the ‘Island of the Gods’ and I’m not exaggerating when I say we were well and truly captivated from the get-go.

Bali, in parts, is a mad melting pot of Aussie tourists, far too many Bintang singlets, scooters, questionable construction and a sense of chaos (that somehow works.)

Peeling back that superficial top-coat, however, you find a fascinating, deeply spiritual, mostly Hindu society – the ever-smiling, awesomely friendly Balinese whose daily routines are punctuated by ceremony.

Prayer, blessings, and rituals. Protection, guidance, gratitude. 

Some say Bali is the heart chakra of the world, and her energy is something that without question, found its way under my skin. I’ve never felt so embraced by a ‘place.’ 

From the sensory overload that is Seminyak, to lazy, languid days on the Bukit Peninsula, our 11-day trip over was the perfect mix of doing and simply being.

What became very obvious to us from the beginning is that Bali has a real Choose Your Own Adventure feel to it. You could quite easily go BIG and go LUXE and blow your budget in a huge way – if you felt so inclined.

You could quite easily rough it and have the cheapest holiday of your life – if that tickled your fancy.

There’s no shortage of options if you want to party every night, or embark on a spiritual quest in the humble confines of a yoga and meditation retreat, or take off to an island with your lover and stare at the sunset daily.

There’s something for everyone. Truly.

So, gorgeous ones, let me share with you some of the highlights – observations made through the lens of our experience (and perceptions) – over the next two posts. This is a place we know we’ll return to again, and again. There’s so much more to explore.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset


We loved: Aberu Villas, Canggu (booked via AirBNB)






On the recommendation of a few different friends, we made the decision to stay in Canggu – and it was a good one. It felt like home immediately.

A 10 – 15 minute scooter ride out of the hustle and bustle of Seminyak, Canggu is laid-back (and simultaneously, growing at a rapid clip it appears), full of expats and home to Echo Beach, Ramai’s favourite surf spot.

We stayed at Aberu Villas in Brawa beach, Canggu and can’t speak highly enough about it. Beautiful pool, luxurious bath, comfy bed and gorgeous, friendly staff. Ticked all the boxes.

Scooters. Transportation-wise, the reception staff organised us a scooter for 600,000 rupiah ($6 AUD) a day, which is slighty higher than you’d pay if you went direct to the hire company, but for convenience and when the difference is a couple of dollars give or take, $30 for 5 days was quite alright by us.

I’ll actually go as far as saying a scooter is an essential for getting around in Canguu, where things are more spread out than Seminyak (which has ‘main streets’ with shops/ restaurants/ bars a-plenty.) Scootering around can feel a little foreign and wobbly at first, but you quickly get the hang of it. Hot tip: cruise around the quieter parts first.

Taxis. At night if we were going into Seminyak, we took a cab and paid on average 50,000 rp ($5 AUD) for the trip.



Prepare yourself for black volcanic sand beaches in Canggu and Seminyak. And plenty of washed up trash on the high shoreline. It will break your heart a little if you’re from a clean, beachy destination, but… such is life. There are plenty of white sand beaches elsewhere, as you’ll see in Part 2.

Photos: Aberu Villas; scooter petrol stand (as quaint as it gets!); rice paddies in Canggu; Aberu Villas; Old Man’s (we didn’t eat here, but will next time); Echo Beach; Brawa Beach. 

EAT (cafes)





Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


Betelnet. Ahh Betelnut. This treehouse-like organic café was our favourite place to eat in Canguu and we dropped in often. Healthy, delicious food and fresh juices, prepared with a whole lotta love. The vibe is earthy and relaxed and you can quite easily laze in one of their comfy booths for an hour after a morning at Echo Beach. Highly recommend this one for the Lovers of Healthy, Nourishing Fare.

Deus ex Machina. We decided to switch things up for breakfast one morning and ate just across the rice field from Betelnut at Deus – a motorcycle showroom with an adjoining café. The Cooler Colada (pineapple/ coconut water/ coconut milk) was definitely a winner.

Green Ginger Noodle HouseOwned by the people behind Zucchini in Seminyak, Green Ginger dishes up tasty vegetarian food and has a cool, chilled vibe – think lanterns hanging from the roof, unpretentious vintage decor. The red curry was DE-LICIOUS. And the wontons? Spot. On.

Grocer and Grind. super cool fit out, and a great place for a juice or smoothie on the way home from Echo Beach. I may have just ordered badly, but wasn’t overly fussed on the food but it is worth sticking your head in anyway if you’re around the area.



Earth Cafe. Health nuts, ahoy! One side is a cafe, the other a health store, which means while you wait for your order, you can stock up on coconut oil and organic snacks til your little heart’s content. Nb yourself the window seat in the cafe section if you can and kick back with a healthy burrito or something equally as delicious in the vego/ Paleo/ raw/ gluten free/ dairy free sphere.

Cafe Bali. An eclectic cafe – one of the originals – that sits smack bang in the middle of busy Seminyak and serves delicious Nasi Goreng and the best tuna carpaccio (with lime and chilli) under the sun.

On the list for next time: Sea Circus

Photos: Betelnut; Betelnut; Deus; Earth Cafe; Cafe Bali. 

EAT (restaurants and bars)









Sarong. Holy moly. THIS PLACE. We ate, what I’ll happily declare as some of the best food we’ve ever eaten at Sarong. Slow-cooked Sri Lankan lamb curry, zucchini flowers, tandoori fish… it was all insanely flavoursome and expertly prepared. Not to mention the surroundings – lush-tropical-garden-meets-opulent-fine-dining-meets-Bali. The service here is top-notch and I highly recommend it for a fancier/ special dinner with your beloved or travelling buddies.

Biku. Friends of ours that have lived in Bali for the past few years took us here, promising that we were going to LOVE the fish curry – and yep, it was pretty epic.

Motel Mexicola (not shown). You could go here for the decor alone and leave with your hunger satisfied, but honestly, you’ll want to stay a (long) while to soak up the atmosphere. It’s electric. You’ll actually forget you’re in the middle of Seminyak as you’re transported back in time to Acapulco in the 60’s. It’s bright. It’s a little loco. It should definitely be on the list for a fun night out.

And for sundown lounging, cocktail in hand, you seriously can’t go past:

// Potato Head

// La Plancha


All are beachfront locations with awesome tunes, pumping crowds and elements that make them each unique and worthy. If you’re looking to drink in a Seminyak sunset (and a sneaky cocktail or three) get your butt to one of these places.

Restaurants on the list for next time: Sardine | Barbacoa | MAMA san

Photos: La Plancha x 3; Ku de Ta x 3; Sarong; Potato Head. 


// Wine is expensive in Bali. Cocktails or Bintangs are the more affordable choice if you fancy a drink.

// If you’re all for keeping it healthy, ask for ‘no sugar or syrup’ in your fresh juices. Green juices are usually fine (all I drank over there) but you will find they love to add some sweetness to some of the other fruity concoctions (which really don’t need any additional sweetness.)

// The entry visa – to be paid for at the airport before you go through Customs – is USD $25. Ensure you get this money exchanged before you leave your home destination. You can also skip the queue if you want and pay to go ‘express’ (200,000 rupiah, or around $20 for Aussies.) The departure tax is 200,000 rupiah, so bring this with you when you’re leaving.

// Thankfully, we didn’t have the displeasure of experiencing the dreaded Bali Belly. Touch wood! It seems to strike at random, but you can ensure you’re ‘doing the right things’ by only drinking water from bottles – which includes using bottled water to brush your teeth and refraining from opening your mouth in the shower – and sticking to reputable cafes and restaurants for your meals. Carrying around a hand sanitiser is often advised if you want to be extra safe.

// Bali thrives on tourism – and yep, you’ll also find, ‘opportunism.’ Do your research for standard pricing for things like taxi fares and hiring a private driver and ask questions/ be straight up with what you’re going to pay from the outset for clarity. The flip-side of this is, of course, maintaining an abundance mindset. If your cabbie overcharges you a few dollars, or your driver ends up bumping the standard rate up by $10 (AUD), my gentle suggestion is to look at it with a bit of perspective. This happened to us on one of the days and I swiftly reminded myself that at home a 10 minute taxi ride would cost me the same. Relax those principles, enjoy your trip!

Stay tuned for Part Two, coming shortly, featuring our time in Ubud, Bingin/ Uluwatu and Nusa Dua.

Since there’s SO MUCH to see and do in Bali and it’s a destination that has already been explored by many, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below: 

What are your ‘musts’ (see/ do/ eat/ indulge in) when it comes to Bali?

Let’s build this resource list together! And I’d be ever so grateful if you could share this baby around. Help your travelling sistas/ misters out!

Are You Diminishing Your Joy?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It was a pretty big life moment. My biggest business win to date. The ante: upped.

And yet, for a couple of spirit-grinding days in early February after launching Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted, instead of allowing myself to feel intoxicated by wonder and revelry and JOYFUL ELATION – I sprinted the other way.

In the moments where I could have been celebrating, I was instead laser-focused on a not-so-subtle prickle in my stomach. Oh hey there, guilt.

In the moments where I could have, creative exhaustion in tow, smiled and owned the fact that A Big Thing Had Been Achieved, I could feel myself slicing my satisfaction into tiny cubes to make it more palatable.

It was textbook Upper Limit stuff – ‘This is all happening exactly as I hoped and now I’m freaking out and do I even deserve this?!’ and I felt like I’d abandoned myself in the very moment I’d been working towards.

Which is precisely why I want to talk about the ways we diminish our joy (and why we need to stop that madness, stat.)

The truth is, it’s a bit of an epidemic.

So I decided to put a call out on Facebook late last week for some real-life examples of the ways we downplay our joy, and here are some of the tender-hearted, beautifully honest responses I received back.

We have the tendency to skim these things (go on, admit it!) but I encourage you take the time to read through them all and let that strong, silent ‘YESSS… I know exactly what you mean’ reverberate through you.

We’re all connected. The form may be different, but our feelings are universal. See yourself in these stories; a reminder that we’re never alone in our suffering or our silent suppression. These words are truly the backbone of this post.

Diminishing my joy looks like….


“I smother my joy by comparing myself to others – mainly when looking at others as examples of how they do things. This usually happens when I get an idea – a spark of potential, a hint of something expansive – and instead of following my own gut, trusting in my abilities and launching right in, I look to see how other people do similar things. Following someone else’s truth.

Which of course brings up the “I’m not good enoughs” and “there’s no way I can do it as good as that” – which metaphorically speaking is like throwing a big bucket of water over my beautiful spark of an idea and joy gets drowned in the process (never having had the opportunity to flourish in the first place).” — Amy 


“When I’m flying high, achieving all I have set out to do – connecting with amazing people, showing up to love, stepping out of my comfort zone and daring to be different, expressing myself authentically, indulging in what makes me happy – there are many moments of intense joy and a beautiful deep sense of gratitude. My days are often filled with ‘pinch myself moments’ and many thank you, thank you, thank you’s being uttered.

But then, often out of no where, I get struck by comparisontitis. I catch myself comparing what I have achieved and how long it took me to get here with other people’s journeys.” — Leah 


“I think a huge thing for me is when I’m on the cusp of something big and my whole being is vibing on a gigantic frequency – the connections are happening, the support is rolling in, the creative juices are flowing, and out of no where comes this bolt of ‘hey there girl, hold your horses!’….

For me it’s the tiny mad idea that tells me that I’m too big for my boots, that stepping and shining is egotistical. I diminish my joy by believing the tiny voice rather than embracing my soul’s whisper to ‘go for it’.” — Jennifer 


“I have never really liked to show my excitement to other people. I often get uncomfortable when the spotlight is directed my way. So I deflect when people ask questions about me or want to know more about what I have going on. I have been conditioned to believe that to step out and share my successes or joy with those around me who aren’t experiencing a similar set of circumstances is cruel, mean and even rude. So I play down my wins, deflect any seedling of praise and avoid the spotlight.

I don’t allow myself to completely experience the wondrousness of joy in case I offend someone or bring up any uncomfortable feelings for them. I am learning that it’s okay to be pursuing something that completely lights up my entire being even if no one around me is experiencing anything remotely similar.” — Meg


“My dear husband and I have been planning a BIG overseas adventure. Because of my constant worry about others thinking that chucking in my job and spending a house deposits worth of cashola on our venture was irresponsible and immature I tended to downplay the sheer excitement, joy and exhilaration I felt and put all of our wild plans down to just following my hubby’s crazy ideas – blame any fallout on him right?

As our departure date neared I realised how silly (and detrimental to my happiness) this was and now proudly claim this crazy idea and all the joy that comes with it as totally mine as well. The more conviction I show for my ideas and actions, the more support I receive.” — Jessie  



“I diminish my joy by not shouting from the rooftops how friggin crazy amazing my life is, how I’ve manifested all that I want in life. A spiritual relationship, living in paradise and working full time in my meditation business. I diminish expressing my joy thinking I’ll make others feel bad if they’re struggling with what they’re creating and I don’t want to separate myself from others.

I want them to see me as equal and that I empathise and understand their struggles. And I do! It just gets screwy in my head as I confuse empathy with complaining alongside someone.” — Mish


“I played down and shrinked away from my achievement of healing my body of adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s and PCOS to once again become fertile (in a medical/health definition) without traditional medication. As a uni student with little to no disposable income, I was spending all my money on organic, nourishing foods, brewing my own kombucha, getting fortnightly acupuncture and osteopathy, instead of spending my spare money on going out, music festivals and alcohol like my peers.

It took two years of sacrifice, self-doubt and determination, and I’m so filled with joy that I was able to actually make it happen! Until very recently, I downplayed this big time, playing it off as ‘I guess it was just a temporary thing’ when people and clients have awed at me. I was nearly apologising for making it seem like such a ‘big deal’ too!” — Helen


‘I’m someone who works hard to achieve my goals, tick things of my ‘must do’ list and put into action those heady dreams floating around in my head and heart. I’ve noticed however that when I’m really in the thick of the ‘doing’ part, when all the bits and pieces and odds and ends are properly coming together, I tend to freak the hell out slightly and instead of embracing the awesomeness presenting itself on a platter, I almost want to run away from it or I begin analysing and over-analysing, doubting all the efforts I’ve taken to get to that point and ultimately sucking all the joy out of the moment that I’m in.” — Naomi 


“I always have a knack of averting eye contact and deflecting compliments by complimenting others or changing the subject. I’ve never been very good at accepting compliments because I was always belittled and teased through most of my schooling years. I never thought that I was good enough to get anywhere with my ideas.

It’s probably part of the reason why it’s taken me so long to realise that my novel and starting up my blog have taken me so long. Sometimes that little seed of self-doubt gets too much and I’m guilty of listening to it instead of trudging through it and believing in myself.” — Mandi 


“I find myself sometimes diminishing joy by sometimes slipping in to being detached from certain things that I normally would be invested in and enjoying. Compliments paid are brushed off. Random acts of kindness are sometimes met with being curious of others motives. Moments for connection with others are occasionally met with a noncommittal ‘it’s all good’. Too much planning and wishing for future events becomes a way that blinds the happiness of the here and now.

In an effort to not seem egotistical, boastful or proud I find myself actually limiting the experience of that moment by not fully embracing the love and joy that it holds.” — Alyce

Any of those scenarios resonate with you? Oh yep? I’m hearing ya.

So, what about the other side of the fence? What happens when you consciously choose to share your joy, enthusiastically, unabashedly?

Let me share exactly what happens. 


// Experience true presence – the intensely-aware-of-everything, tingly-toes, huge-beaming-grin-stretched-across-your-face type of presence where NOTHING else matters.

// Become the lighthouse, painting pictures of hope and possibility and giving others a living example of what’s also accessible to them.

// Lift people out of their suffering, instead of joining them in it. (I can actually visualise this. The lifting up looks like two arms outstretched, two sets of hands wrapped in each other, two souls rising; the second looks like a slippery slope into doom and gloom.)

You also, of course, call in more of it. And that’s what we’re seeking, no? Joy, peace, meaning, deep fulfilment, a rockin’ life that makes us smile?

All that seeking is one thing. To be joy – to really be in it, and wear it proudly – is another thing entirely.

Let’s aim for the latter.


Feelings come in daily waves – cresting, breaking, rolling in, rolling out – and joy, like any other spike in human emotion – can be fleeting.

Just like we endeavour to give our shadow the attention it deserves, I’m putting it out there, beauties: let’s be bold and brave in honouring the magic of our ‘lighter’ experiences, too.


Catch yourself in the moments you start shrinking. 

Awareness is everything. When you feel thoughts and sensations arising, step away from the dimmer switch and gently steer it back to the truth of that moment.

Feeling stoked about achieving a big goal or manifesting a killer opportunity?

Lit up on new love?

Proud of your progress on the yoga mat, or the running track?

Own it. Let enthusiasm envelop you, and – here’s the clincher – roll OUT of you, before the feeling fades into oblivion. Your joy matters. And remember that the people that matter want to hear about it.

Set the tone.

Expressing your elation for your life might just be the catalyst for someone else expressing their happiness. As Marianne Williamson famously said: ‘As we let our own light shine, we give others permission to do the same.”

If you witness a friend or loved one diminishing their joy, go ahead and ask them why they’re hiding their happiness. Tease it out of them, little by little. Watch them come alive. 

Without a shadow of doubt, creating that kind of safe celebratory space for someone you love will have a remarkable effect on… everything. Deeper connection, better conversations, more fun, trust, unity… Not to mention, it’s thrilling to be around people who radiate (in fact, studies have actually proven that happiness is contagious. See, everyone wins!)

Mute that critical inner dialogue.

No-one likes a bragger. 

I’m going to feel separate and disconnected if I share this. 

Ahh, I just know this will make so and so feel weird, jealous, inadequate. 

I don’t want to seem like I care too much. I mean, really, no biggie.. right? 

(and the story goes on.)

Let’s clear up the differences between boasting in an arrogant, showy, superior, egoic way – and simply sharing your joy. Humble, but proud.

The first comes from a place of lack – grasping for external approval, seeking validation – but the second, the one we’re honing right in on – comes from a sublime place of gratitude and abundance.

Joy is our birthright. Joy is our essence. Joy is who we are. So to deny that is to deny a natural, integral part of our human make-up. 

Shine bright, sista.

Before we go, I want to leave you with this little ‘my-soul-speaking-to-your-soul’ style reminder:

Downsizing your joy won’t actually increase, elevate or multiply anyone else’s. ALL it does is decrease yours… and leave you wanting.

May we all rise, together. High on joy. 

And now… I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below with an answer to this:

Do you diminish your joy? How does it tend to play out for you? Share away below.

Like I mentioned above, awareness is everything. When we illuminate what’s holding us back by calling it out, our inner wise self starts to look for ways to move through it. Aren’t we clever little creatures?!

Thank you for being here. x

Images: Kelly Ann Mount | Ryan Pernofski

How I Do It: An Interview with SARK

SARK susan ariel

Radiant. Uplifting. Completely, utterly creative.

That’s SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) in a nutshell.

This is a woman who seriously oozes joy. I don’t think it would be wrong of me to say she’s the very definition, in fact. With passion and purpose colliding in one potent, powerhouse package, reading SARK’s, words you can’t help but be swept up in that wild-hearted energy that beams off the pages. She’s quite simply, divine.

It was in a second-hand bookstore about 7 years ago that I picked up my first SARK book, immediately taken by the colours and her signature handwritten scrawl, and like so many others, I’ve returned to them time and time again to feel their sacred heartbeat. They’re the perfect blend of art and cosy conversation – and go much deeper than first appearances suggest.

As well as a multitude of programs, products, and a gorgeous Tedx talk, SARK has written 16 best-selling books (yep, holy prolific!) including Succulent Wild Woman and Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper, both personal favourites. She writes about everything from fear to love, to money and sex, but I think the thing I take most from her writing is the way she articulates the intricacies of womanhood. Glorious and real.

I’m so honoured to be featuring her wise words here today as she peels back the curtains to share ‘how she does it’.

Introducing: Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.

Let’s kick off with a biggie. Why do you do what you do?

The alternatives were so dreadful ;-)

After I had 250 jobs from ages 14 to 26, I declared that I would be an artist or writer – no matter what. I then opted out of the money system for 10 years and lived on barter and trade. I began to express and share my creativity in ways I had only dreamed of. I loved it and knew I had ENDLESS creative gifts to share. That’s when I began to embody and live my purpose; to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love. I do this through my art, words and spirit.

What are three of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt over the years about life, creativity and running a business with soul?

1 // Study money as energy so you can receive it as well as spend it.

2 // “Never, never, never, under any circumstances, face facts.” Ruth Gordon (what she said).

3 // Invest in yourself and your business as a spiritual practice.

Describe your writing process. How do you do it?

It does me! My Inner Wise Self has wisdom to deliver and I create the conditions to let it be expressed. Creating the conditions consists of 3 significant transformational processes that I created:

1 // Inner Feelings care system

2 // Inner Critic care system

3 // Inner Wise Self; Activated and Empowered

SARK wallpaper

I know that there’s rarely a ‘typical’ day in the life of a writer/ entrepreneur/ creative goddess, but can you talk a bit about how you approach your work? What does a week in your life usually entail?

Being creatively alive in every area of my life.

Being present to what is.

Being willing to do my transformative practices and processes, with myself and others.

Being a “minister of love” as often and in as many ways as I can.

Living like a full cup of self love, sharing the overflow with the world.

When I feel half empty, which is every day, I fill myself back up from the inside – like a succulent plant does.

Routines and rituals for the soul: can you tell us about the little – or big – things that keep you feeling grounded, joyful, connected, inspired?

// Taking Miracle Walks – where you put your hands palms up and say “miracle find me now,” then tune your vision to see and experience miracles – tiny or large. Then share what you find and invite more!

// Allow and welcome spontaneous activities and events

// Be an adventure.

// Be intimate with the world and be surprised.

The not-so-hot days. We all have them. How do you combat overwhelm and self-doubt?

You don’t combat anything.* You acknowledge, honor and express all your feelings consistently so they can soften and change shape. You still have challenging emotions and experiences- you just don’t spend so much time there. You live in self love and exquisite self care, you transform overwhelm and self doubt with the help of your activated and empowered Inner Wise Self.

*[Rach: love this reframe so much!]

SARK wallpaper desktop


I feel empowered, electric, alive, the most ME when… I’m writing or creating.

I feel restricted when… I allow myself or others to block my energy from flowing naturally.

I’m inspired by… LIFE.

My current mantra/ affirmation is… ALLOW.

To wrap up, imagine you’re sitting in conversation with yourself in 10 years time. What are you doing? What does your life/ business look – and feel – like?

I’ll be at the brink of 70, with my beloved partner, laughing and living deeply, creatively, consciously and lovingly.

We’ll be teaching, creating, and continuing to illuminate our souls and others who resonate. Life is rich, full and ripe.

We live our adventures with this quote by me; “The opposite of old is not young. The opposite of old is new. As long as we continue to experience the new, we will gloriously inhabit all of the ages that we are.”

What a woman! Let’s hear some SARK lovin’ in the comments below!

(images from Planet SARK