Spirited 2015 Companion: Spirited Solutions to What’s Holding You Back

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To go deeper, we gotta get dirty.

With the new year, comes unparalleled enthusiasm. All-out optimism. A frantic free-for-all of fierce declarations hang above our heads as we bravely, matter-of-factly, project our idea of ‘perfection’ out into the ethers.

It’s a time of year made bigger by the scent of a fresh start. A whole twelve months dutifully wait before us. Ready for us to come at them. Ready for us to bring it.

Setting New Years Resolutions and weekly, monthly, yearly intentions is about more than throwing a few goals out into open air. It’s human nature. It’s part of the creative cycle, which is one of death and rebirth.

As one year closes out, we prepare for the newness – for the amped up energy, the spring-loaded enthusiasm, the bounce in our step – that comes with a new one. There’s no doubt about: ain’t no better time than the turning of the year to step into your desires.

But you already know that. You know that this is a time ripe with potential, not broken promises.

You’re a woman on a mission with dreams so vivid you can almost touch, taste and feel them.

You love the highs, curse the lows and get bored with the in-betweens.

You’re all or nothing type of gal, and when you’re in, crikey, your zeal could power a small village.

You want 2015 to be the year that things change. The year that perspectives shift. The year you feel the flow. Summon support.

You want to get to the end of 2015 thinking:

I did it. I made it happen. I took risks. I flicked my comfort zone the finger. I loved, loudly. It was brilliant, and I created it.

Sister girls, we hear you. As visionary vixens, we mirror that collective cry coming from all of you.

I’m ready, Life. Just.. show me.

That’s why we created Spirited – a guide that brings you home to yourself, a guide that teaches that the best way to receive is to first to yourself, and the best way to find anything, is to seek within, first.

The feedback has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Women the world over have turned to this book for soulful reminders that hit home and etch themselves deeply in the corner crevices of their minds. It has made an impact, this eBook of ours.

So how do we go deeper?

How can we transform pretty sentences in a book into a visceral, actionable experience for you, our precious reader?


The Spirited 2015 Companion: Spirited Solutions to What’s Holding You Back.

In other yearly planners (and let’s get one thing straight here, there’s nothing else out there quite like this), the focus is on what you’re going to do throughout the year, without diving into what keeps you from fulfilling your desires, despite your best intentions.

Instead of tiptoeing around inevitable obstacles, our companion steps into the shadow – actually, make that: nose dives into the shadow – of life situations that press pause on those wild and precious dreams of yours.

Because here’s the deal:

// That energy that’s coursing through you, zipping you around like the most Productive Woman On The Planet? It’s not sustainable. You will get tired.

// Your weight will fluctuate.

// You’ll push too hard.

// The dynamics of your relationships will change.

// Your knees will wobble when you’re on the brink of something beautiful.

// You’ll doubt yourself – your abilities, your knowledge, your judgement.

What happens when you fall short? Come up empty?

2015 is going to be a brilliant year for you (we can feel it), but it’s not going to perfect. Life is messy – it gets abrasive and cranky and scattered and damn noisy. The question is: how will you shake off the dust and carry yourself when the ebb and flow of life is rocking your boat?

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How it works

You’ll warm up for this visionary experience by first stepping into the light; declaring the type of year you’re hungry for, celebrating what is so divinely and uniquely YOU. You’ll plot out 12 month’s worth of big dreams. Those lofty dreams will drill down to smaller, manageable, doable weekly ‘right actions.’ This is the making it happen part.

Then, you’ll explore a possible challenge – anything from perfectionism, to isolation, to handling the haters, a crisis of confidence, those pesky ‘I’m not good enough’s’… and we’ll reverse engineer the shizzle out of them and offer up real time, do-it-now solutions that allow you to carry yourself out your funk, out of the ego, and back home to clarity and truth.

The Challenge.

The Solution.

The Meditation/ Visualisation/ Contemplation.

And finally, The Action: a series of personal dares – from us to you – that encourage you to shapeshift your struggles in a visceral, purposeful way. No sugar coating, no fluffing around.


Drawing Strength From Spirited

Hiro Boga tells us that ‘Spirit makes the connection, but it can’t make the call.’ We can sit and meditate and pray and memorise our vision boards till we’re blue in the face, but if we don’t use these God-given bodies of ours to manifest experiences in our life through inspired and purposeful action, we’re missing the point. In a big way.

With the help of Spirited, you explored your inner world. You went on an adventure of self-discovery and curiosity. You sat with yourself through some big questions. You got honest. You decided to show up for your soul.

This companion is where inspiration meets implementation. It’s punchy and practical; a guide brimming with solutions to possible challenges that may arise on your hunt for those desires during the year. Think of it as Spirited’s broody big sister.

This is the yang to Spirited’s yin.

The action to her contemplation.

The black and white to her colour.

The Go! to her Stay!

The straight shootin’ to her subtlety.

The doing to her being.

The shadow to her light.

It’s a guide that gets you into your body.

And when their powers collide…

You’ll have the tools to go large with your longings and sit in the depth of your shadow’s emotion.


1 // Are these books in hardcover?

Both Spirited and the Spirited 2015 Companion are in digital eBook format only. Print ‘em out! They’re prettier that way.

2 // Is the book the same as the 2014 edition, content-wise?

It sure is, but the planners/ worksheets have been updated for 2015.

This book is for: people who purchased the first Spirited sans the Companion and are ready for the next step, OR those that are new to our work and want to dive in with both/ the Companion alone.

It’s not for you if: you purchased the 2014 Companion (you’ve already got the content, sista!) BUT may we use this as a loving reminder to re-explore it’s pages. There’s plenty of juicy inspiration waiting for you!

3 // When will I receive my goods?

Straight away, sista. Check your inbox for your download link.

4 // Can I become an affiliate?

You sure can! We’re stoked you want to spread the Spirited love (and make some moolah at the same time!) You’ll find all the affiliate info at the end of your eBook.

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