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1. Highly recommend you sign up to the Betty Means Business mailing list to get your hands on a copy of Kate’s eBook ‘Kill Overwhelm + Make Shit Happen.’

2. This Marie Forleo/ Kris Carr convo is so damn juicy. Love when Marie says (on passion and the misconception that we need to “find” it) “Passion isn’t something outside of yourself, it’s what you bring to every single moment of your life.” AMEN to that.

(just two today because we’re all busy!)

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1. After watching BAD 25 (awesome), I was googling away and found this transcript of Madonna’s VMA’s speech dedicated to Michael Jackson. Yep, I teared up.

2. Loved this soulful interview with Rachel Cole over on Delve Spot (Lucie is a true gem!)

3. Simon Sinek brilliance: How to innovate like a shark.

4. Enjoyed this fab post that covers how you can set awesome intentions for 2013.

5. A bunch of gorgeous gift guides are up on A Merry Mishap.

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Happy Tuesday!

Feast your eyes on a fresh batch of beautiful blogs, all with a empower-y, design-y feel this week (and hey, did you know there are over 400 blogs listed in the Blogs to Bookmark category these days?!)

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Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Stunning 2013 calendar DIY (with tassel and pom-pom-y goodness!)

2. Poignant lessons from a weekend of silence.

3. Loving this fab post on boundaries – particularly the point about doing an “energy sweep” during the day. Brilliant.

4. Bookmark this one for a later date if you can’t watch them now (they’re worth it): 7 videos that will stop you from ever saying “I can’t.” curated by Jonathan Fields.

5. I rarely read wedding blogs these days (since I’m, you know,  6 months married and all) but I love the decor and Mexican/ Aztec accents in this Big Day featured on Ruffled.

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Another week, another list of click-worthy links for your reading pleasure!

1. Amanda Genther Design 


2. The Middle Finger Project


3. Papersnitch


4. I Heart Blog Shop


5. More Design Please 


Links I’m Loving this Week


1. You were born to be a badass by Justine Musk is, like everything else she writes, spectacular.

2. My lovely friend Jess has created a round up of her favourite foodie blogs/ sites over on The Wellness Warrior. Awesome resource (particularly when it comes to setting those healthy-livin’ New Years intentions!)

3. Swooning over this paper cut gems template and garland!

4. And this cushion. You can never have too many cushions – right?

5. If you were momentarily wiped off the planet and missed all the Super Soul Sunday chat, click here to watch Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein and Mastin Kipp rock it out with Oprah. Electrifying. How I felt after watching? Inspired. Hope-filled. High on what is possible for us all.

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 Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Swooning over this sleek cross bunting over on Bleubird Vintage.

2. Oh my gosh, interior design inspo explosion.

3. Soul scribe Alexandra Franzen dispels the busy myth in her usual brilliant style.

4. The Blogcademy recaps are up from Nubby Twiglet and Gala Darling. Sounds like an incredible weekend was had by all!

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Some incredible finds this week, lovers! Dive in.

1. Eat Love


2. Book Mama 


3. Tenderlogic


4. Medicinal Marzipan 


5. Naturally Ella


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. “I’ve got to” vs. “I get to.” 

2. 5 Excuses That Suck – a brilliant piece from life coach Lisa Selow.

3. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the ‘noise’ of the online world, you might find comfort in these eloquent words. And these too.

4. Loving Kris Carr’s latest gems: The Power of Unconditional Acceptance and How I Keep My Wings from Wilting.

5. The Daily Love Extravaganza is going to be amazing.

6. Bonus link: swooning (hard) over the images on this blog.


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Hope you’re all having a stellar week so far!

I’m on a bit of a high – it’s like summer outside, plenty of exciting events lie just ahead including a holiday with my love, my 30th birthday and Christmas (!!) and all in all, life is pretty divine. Yep.

What about you? Have you been feeling the love beams I’ve been sending your way? I hope so!

Here’s to inspiration and links-a-plenty. Enjoy x

1. Jessica Swift


2. By Holborn


3. Fellow Fellow 


4. The Chalkboard 


5. Soul Wellness


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. I adore Laura Simms from Create As Folk and loved hearing her thoughts on the ‘luxury of struggle’ in When the Work You Do Feels Hard.

2. 7 Myths About Finding Your Calling. Brilliance from Lissa Rankin.

3. If you need a huge injection of happiness and inspiration, check out one – or all – of the 20 Most-Watched TEDx Talks So Far.

4. Gorgeous food videos via The New Domestic. Love the styling, grading, music – all of it, actually.

5. Fluent in 3 Months has really piqued my interest. I love languages and have always dreamed of being someone who can spout off something in French or Italian like it’s no big deal. Definitely going to look into this more – perhaps I’ll try and tackle Italian before our honeymoon next year?