Making Me Happy (+ a Mini Blogs to Bookmark)

It’s almost time… that’s right, honeymoon ti-iiiime. 

I’ve just finished powering through my inbox after a big day with clients, packing and repacking, cooking quinoa and organising healthy snacks for the plane and the gazillion other things you do before a month away, and while I have that niggling feeling I’ve forgotten to do something, you know what… if I have, it’s OK. The world will keep spinning (I’m sure of it!)

The past week has whipped by in a bit of a blur to be honest, but below are some of the highlights:



The Melbourne Soulpreneurs event. Mind-blowing. I had the best time and feel honoured to have been able to hug some of my clients in person and meet some of you that read this blog. I flew home Friday exhausted after a few hours sleep, but with my heart well and truly full. Some beautiful articles wrapping up the event are here and here.

Booking tickets for the HayHouse I Can Do It! event in Melbourne in August, as well as the Writer’s Workshop. Have been dreaming of this one since missing last years… and can I just say, I have a feeling the second half of 2013 is going to be ‘UUUUGE!

New clients. Love ’em.

Also: strategy sessions, chunky knitted jumpers, excitable emails, interesting opportunities, morning walks, running in the rain, learning how to crochet (well… ‘watching’ might be more accurate, but I do plan on learning soon), guzzling chlorophyll, dark grey nails and long chats with my soul sistas.


Now for something completely different: I missed yesterday’s Blogs to Bookmark but wanted to share the blog below and a couple of links before I jet off…

This Rawsome Vegan Life



1. Adore Hiro Boga and absolutely relished Build a New Body of Experience and On Desire and the Creative Kindness of Limits.

2. Don’t quit. (as an aside, I’ve downloaded Torre’s book to read on the plane, amongst 576255 others, and have a strong feeling it’ll be going straight to the start of the list!)

3. Do you manipulate or influence? Brilliant stuff by Kate Erlenbusch.


And to finish off possibly the most disjointed post I’ve written here…


Glad you asked!

1 // I have a range of awesome guest posts going up that I know you’re going to love.

2 // Wine. Balcony. Positano. Us.

3 // I’ll be distancing myself from my inbox. This is huge for me, but much needed, and will be an “experiment” for how I’ll approach email moving forward.

4 // Terrible attempts at Italian. We downloaded an app. Yep.

5 // My new interview series will be kicking off on the blog, and I’ve got some RAD people on board.

6 // I’m going to publish some Making Me Happy/ snapshot into our trip-style posts, internet connection dependent (I will be online here and there, checking in, popping into the comments… you know, hanging around).

And with that… buona notte, babes! 

Making Me Happy


Today’s Making Me Happy is a little late because it’s all systems go at In Spaces Between HQ as I prepare for a quick jaunt to Melbourne to speak at the Soulpreneurs event tomorrow, and next week, our (belated) honeymoon to Italy where we’ll spend ONE WHOLE MONTH.

Whoa. Excitement doesn’t even cut it. This overseas trip has been a long time coming and I’m so, so ready to let the ideas that have been percolating in my mind take shape – pen to paper – but more importantly, to switch off, play with my man, have fun, feast my eyes on new sights and BE. To give myself permission to step out of Rach the Coach, Blogger, Friend, Email Writer, and be Rach the Free-Spirited, Joy-Loving, Big Dreamer That Craves Adventure. 

It’s time.

I’ve had a few chats with friends and clients lately around the idea of fun and have been reminded that life can get all too serious if we don’t actively carve out time for play and downtime, so before we launch into this week’s love list, I want to pose this question to you:

How do you have fun? (and are you having enough of it?) Share away in the comments, sweet pea, and feel free to leave your declaration to have more fun if you When it’s declared, it happens. Simplest formula for success out.


Sunday Hangs







I woke up on Sunday with a craving to “go bush,” so my handsome man and I jumped in the car, grabbed ourselves the best freaking vegan pizza in the world from Mandala (check it out on my Instagram if you want to drool) and… found a lemon tree.

I know, I know. Wild. Livin’ on the edge over here folks! Somebody stop us.





{photos by Hannah Millerick}

Ahh! Soulpreneurs. WHAT A NIGHT.

Last Thursday in Brisbane, alongside 4 women I adore, I took the stage to talk authenticity and abundance in business, blogging, and y’know, life. It was EPIC.

How it went

We were blessed with an audience of curious and wonderful women (and a few men) who asked awesome questions, scribbled notes and were highly engaged, making it a true “workshop” style format, and a journaling exercise punctuated the end of the night so that everyone walked away with a “next right action” to take them ever-closer to their big dream.

How it felt

Exhilarating. Divine. Addictive! Seriously loved it.

I was super calm all day leading in – appreciated, body, thank you – and while my heart let me know I was pole-vaulting out of my comfort zone as we kicked off the night, those feelings very quickly made way for a sense of connection with the audience and the message. When you’re speaking on stage, it’s SO not about you… and I truly felt that. It’s about the audience. Always.

I adored

Meeting some of the gorgeous souls that read this blog in the flesh, and being able to wrap them up in a big hug.

Hearing women in the front row say YES! and knowing that in that moment, something had shifted. Life would be different. Brighter. Dreams: bigger.

Listening to the stories and wisdom pour out of the friends I shared the stage with.

Seeing Yvette’s beaming face all night – this woman has created something truly beautiful and powerful with Earth Events, and it’s a true joy to witness her (rapid) evolution with this biz. Sky’s the limit!

I’m excited for

Tomorrow night. Soulpreneurs Melbourne. BRING IT!

Gratitude Wall



We’ll call it “Post It Art”… and one day, it will be a Post It HEART.

I wanted to create something at home that reminded me of all the beautiful blessings in my life and my husband’s life, because as I’m sure you’re well aware, bringing our attention to what we’re grateful for attracts more of it into our lives. Gratitude is a magnet. It keeps us humming along at the kind of high vibin’, electric frequency that breeds more of the good stuff, and I plan on layering this wall with as many notes of appreciation as I can.


And now to you! What’s lighting your life right now? Drop some love (like it’s hot) in the comments. 

Making Me Happy

This past week has been a bit of a mixed bag – from spending a day in hospital after my husband had a collision with the nose of his surfboard and required plastic surgery to stitch his lip back together again (I’ll spare you the photos) to high energy mornings like this morning, where a speedy run in the dark has left me bouncy and chock-full of endorphins.

Such is life.

There are slow days, low days, days that speed by so quickly you wonder if they even happened. Days where you feel like someone has cranked the dial up to a billion decibels, where you’re unstoppable, on point, sofreakingalive. And that’s A-OK, beautiful. However you feel today, tomorrow will be different. 

I’ve been practicing the fine art of viewing All of the Days through a lens of non-judgement lately, and instead looking at the occasional slower-lower day as “a bad day,” I’ve been embracing them as an opportunity to check in and re-centre.

When something pops up for me – I’ll use a recent example, which has been feeling cabin fever-ish from sitting inside our small apartment on the computer far too much – I’ve been asking:

What can I learn? That I’m fuelled by social interaction and need lots of variety in my working week. Also: fun! Ushering more of that back in, pronto!

When am I most ‘me?’ When my life contains a healthy balance of in-person, dynamic conversation and meditative, introspective time. Ahh. There you go. 

What conditions do I crave in my life that aren’t currently being satisfied? A bigger house with a sweet office, yeah, but also, two days a week out from behind the screen and in communion with creative goddesses/change-makers (I’m thinking workshops, women’s circles, power meetings, the whole she-bang!) 

It’s about realising what works best for YOU, in any given situation in your life, then asking questions, correcting course, and moving on.

Why don’t you give it a go? Apply those q’s to a situation that feels inflamed in your life and circle back to tell me how you went!





Tomorrow night. Five women rocking the stage (did you hear my girl Jess Ainscough will be joining us for part of the event?) Authenticity. Abundance. Soulful business. Making a living doing the work you’re called to do. OMG, I.CANT.WAIT.

Brisbane is almost sold out (in fact, it may actually be sold out now), but if you’re Melbourne-based, don’t miss the event next Thursday 16 May. These are the kind of candid chats that spark something special (you know, like the courage to make that big, gorgeous dream a reality), so if you’re ready to leap… join us. 



Kinesiology still blows me away. I can walk in to a session thinking we’re going to have a nice chat with my body about energy levels, and walk out having a fear that I’ve been carrying around for 20 years unblocked.

Mind-boggling and wonderous. Obsessed.

Meditation + Mindful in May



I’ve been meditating for years, but these days, getting still has definitely become a non-negotiable, daily practice in my life. It’s without doubt the quickest way I know to bust through bullshit, clear scramble-y thoughts and access that innate inner wisdom we all possess.

I tend to mix up my meditations depending on my mood. After a run, I might sit at the beach or at the lookout in the National Park across the road with the sun dancing on my face; other days, I’ll listen to a guided medi like Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing or something from Brain Sync before bed.

To complement that big ol’ love of meditation, I’m so proud to be a part of the Earth Events team for Mindful in May, raising money for Charity Water. I’ll let you read all the details, but if you’re called to, you can ‘sponsor’ me with a donation by selecting my name in the drop down on the donation page.




I’m in simmer-mode with my blog (and business) at the moment before I head off to Italy to let the creative juices really bubble up and the plans take shape. I have to admit that, along the way, the limbo phase has brought with it a hefty dose of impatience (yesssireee!), but I know I’m going to be mentally zinging and ready to ramp things up in a mega way.

The anticipation! The dreams about how I can best serve you and work on YOUR dreams! Ready to catapult.


Honeymoon dreaming (2 weeks and counting) + my incredible husband + The Law of Divine Compensation + The Great Gatsby soundtrack (killer) + new goods from The Village Markets (follow me on Instagram to see what I bought + visual inspo galore).


I’m going to wrap up with some words from the inimitable Rumi, who said: “Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk!” 

So… let’s get drunk on love and appreciation in the comments, shall we? Share the things that are making YOU happy, I’m hanging to hear all about them.

Image: VisionCity

Making Me Happy: Earth Events, Blow-My-Mind Crystals + Blue Skies, Baby!

I want to talk a bit about facing fears and leaping – with reckless abandon – out of our comfort zones, because it’s something I’ve done a lot of in the past 5 months and will most definitely be doing when I take the stage in Brisbane and Melbourne for the Earth Events ‘Soulpreneurs’ events.

Taking the leap is something that my clients and I work on continually, and can I just say thrilled-down-deep-in-my-bones I get when I see one of my girls launch a new site out into the world with love, or release their first video blog (even when it freaks the pants off them) or step into the life they’ve been dreaming of… forever. Yep, it’s pretty awesome, this feeling the fear and doing it anyway biz.

In the video above, you’ll get a little taste of what Julie Parker, Susana Frioni, Denise Duffield-Thomas and I will be covering at the Earth Events Soulpreneurs ‘workshops,’ and you’ll hear me mention that courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s jumping in regardless. I’m hanging to speak more on this and on how friggen empowering and rewarding it is to do the very things that quicken your heartbeat and sweat up your palms. It’s revolutionary (and let it be said – totally addictive).

For me, stepping up and out of my comfort zone right now means embracing opportunities to spread my message in a different way and meet/ hug/ engage with women like you who read this blog, in person. I’m feeling incredibly calm and excited about this public speaking thang, but as I prep for this leap, you can betcha I’ll be ramping up my meditation and journalling and going gangbusters on all the other practices that keep me connected.

I have a request today: let’s keep leaping, together. What do you say?

And because I know you’re going to walk away with SO. MUCH. VALUABLE. INFO. from these two joy-fuelled events, jump on board below so I can give you that big ol’ squeeze I was talking about above:


BRISBANE BABES: click here to grab your ticket for the Brisbane event.

MAGNIFICENT MELBOURNITES: click here to grab your ticket for the Melbourne event.


Beach Days







Autumn weather on the Gold Coast is the kind you want to pop in a jar and spoon-feed to yourself for the rest of time.

On Friday, the sun beckoning, blue skies whispering our names, Tara and I said aurevoir to our home offices and decided to hit the park at Burleigh Point to do some eBook writing, talking, a bit more writing, somuchmoretalking… and THEN! rounded it all out by sipping a gorgeous mojito at Justin Lane (the best mojito I’ve ever tasted, in fact).

This is the stuff dreams are made of and seriously, entrepreneurship just keeps getting better.

Still pinching. Pinch pinch pinch.



New Treasures



It’s been far too long between visits to The Village Markets so I got my booty out the door early Sunday morning and thank god I did, because I scored some beautiful little goodies!

Dreamcatcher and Afghan hanging (for good luck) from Dos Ombre.

Chakra balancing crystal bracelet from Violet Gray Design.


Adore supporting (supremely cool) local businesses/ people. There’s a real groundswell going on on the Gold Coast at the moment, and it’s so inspiring to watch.

Holy Blow-My-Mind Crystals



That fluorite. No words.


Let’s hear it honey, what’s on your love list this week? Unleash in the comments!

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  ~ Rumi

Making Me Happy


Good morning from the glorious Gold Coast!

Look at Mother Nature showing off today. Autumn seriously rules and I’m full o’ beans this morning so let’s leap – with vigour and verve – into this week’s round-up…

Earth Events



Hugely excited to announce that I’ll be part of the Soulpreneurs event being run by Earth Events in Brisbane on 9 May.

It will be my first speaking gig (!!) and I’m BEYOND stoked to be appearing beside these gorgeous women: Julie Parker, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Susana Frioni. Talk about a power panel!

We’ll be talking about authenticity and abundance in business and life – tying in blogging and building a biz online, of course – and there will be a big Q & A component as we know there will be lots of juicy q’s around living your purpose, following your heart into a business that truly lights you up and everything in between.

The tickets are selling super fast (highly recommend getting in today if you’re keen) and you can get your hands on one right here. Would love to see you there, gorgeous.




Late last year, I was running 8 – 12 kms on average about three times a week but this year, with my training buddy pregnant, I’ve been doing shorter (faster) runs without any real consistency to my training.

I’ve only run two 10km runs since January, so my head nearly fell off (along with my toes, haha) when I ran my fastest ever 10km run yesterday morning, completely randomly.

I said last week on Twitter I’d like to get under 50 minutes for a 10ker, and I did it in 48:19mins. YIPPEEEE!

Moral of the story: run less, go better?

Real moral of the story: shorter, (significantly) faster runs (particularly if you run with a husband who likes to sprint the whole way) DO help. Who woulda known?

Universal Support



One of my favourite things to do, once I’ve set a clear intention for something I want to bring to fruition, is to hand it over and ask for support from the Universe/ Spirit/ Guides – simply by saying “I’m ready to receive support for this. Lead the way.”

By practicing this on the regular, I’ve been having some crazy incidences of ‘guidance’ and receiving just the right messages at the right time. Loads of clarity. A thick ‘n’ fast ‘n’ steady stream of reinforcement. I feel open, full of love and incredibly grateful. YEEHAH.

(ps: I learnt about orbs in photos from the gorgeous Amy, and check out the photo I took at the beach this morning).

My Girls



Mind-boggling fact: I’ve worked with over 50 women since starting my business 4 months ago! Is that INSANE or what? Far out. Refer to the note above. Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe.

Because Skype connections can’t be trusted in hotels, I’ve decided to take a month off coaching while we’re honeymooning in Italy/ Switzerland from mid-May to mid-June, so if you’ve been thinking you’d like to team up with me (I’d be so honoured) before I go away, please drop me a line on rachel (at) inspacesbetween (dot) com and I’ll shoot through details on my packages, pronto.


Here’s what two of my girls had to say about our time together:

“Before I started working with Rach, I was so lost and terrified. I had ZERO clarity and I didn’t know what how on Earth I was going to express my unique voice. I was SO stuck and didn’t own my FUN energy and intuitive gifts. I had a handful of coaching clients, but struggling in this identity crisis! I was on my knees begging for help – and Rach literally saved me.

One of her (many) gifts is bringing out the BEST within you. She relentlessly cheered me on and empowers me to step up my game. She made owning my unique, fun, playful energy so easy and simple. Once I truly owned my voice, well … let’s say the quantum leaps began.

The results speak for themselves! I have experienced wonderful growthsm both in my personal life and intuitive coaching biz. Today, I am living my dream life and biz! I work with amazing clients who ADORE me for ME, and I have so many exciting opportunities lined up in the future. My coaching schedule is booked out WEEKS in advance! I am so fulfilled and aligned with my life purpose and mission.

Working with Rach is an immense joy, something I look forward to SO much! We SMASH my goals and celebrate huge wins (and do celebratory dances and fist-pumps) ALL THE TIME. The best type of FUN!

After a month of coaching with Rach, my Facebook fans have grown by 1,000, my mailing list increased in size by 300. Another one of her (many) gifts is in creative strategising! One of her beautiful ideas generated me $700 of passive income – in under 48 hours.  I have also tripled my income – YES, all within ONE MONTH of working together!

I highly recommend Rach’s services to every gorgeous soul in the world who’s passionate about blogging and spreading your message. It’s really no brainer that her schedule is booked out months in advance – she is worth her weight in GOLD. There are no limits, and the possibilities are endless with Rach as your coach.”



“Walking in to my first session with Rach, I had no idea what to expect. Never having had any sort of life coaching before, I wondered if I’d see any tangible results, or if I’d come away thinking, “yeah, but what next?”

I needn’t have worried. As a long time follower of In Spaces Between, my goal in working with Rach was to sit down with someone I knew would inspire, motivate and just generally “get” where I wanted and needed to go, providing me with honest, soulful guidance and a few ridiculously well structured spreadsheets to propel me on my way!

I discovered one of the best things about a life coaching session with Rach is that it’s impossible not to come away feeling like you could take on the world. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her passion for seeing big changes in the lives of her clients is one of the reasons she’s so good at what she does.

My time with Rach has left me saying, “I can do this!” and honestly believing it’s true.”


Did anyone say “dream job?”

I’d love to work with you if you have the sneaking suspicion there’s more out there for you, too.


Gwinganna Seminar



Last night I trekked up to Brisbane to attend one of Gwinganna’s lifestyle seminars. The event was centred around movement and the ways in which us modern folk tend to do our hour of exercise (if that), and then sit on our butts all day long – and the detrimental effect doing so has on our bodies physiologically and from a longevity perspective.

One of the presenters, Karl, got us all out of our seats doing Asian Squats, which are deep squats that stretch out all the muscles in the legs and back, and we heard some fascinating research done around incidental exercise and how important it is to move frequently.

Here’s to squatting up a storm between clients today!

Extra sweetness:

Deep and utterly fulfilling chats + dinner meet ups at Mandala with our B-School babes (no photo evidence, unfortunately) + one month holiday countdown + eBook writing (watch this space) + when my husband wakes me up by whispering “You’re the love of my life”… and I melt + seeing how in love my friends and their gentlemen are (this fills my heart SO DAMN MUCH) + journalling.


Share your stand-out moments – big, small, wonderous – in the comments below! 

Images: Alice is Wonderful | Goodbye Babylon

Making Me Happy

I walked in the door earlier and the first thing I said (in my head) was “Now, THAT is what I needed.”

I’ve been craving some “real life” person-to-person contact over the past couple of weeks, and a spur-of-the-moment catch up with some of my former colleagues/ very good friends for lunch delivered in spades.

Working from home and spending way (way) too much time on the computer of late has taught me a bunch of things about myself, but the biggest one is that for me to feel my absolute best, I must venture out from these four walls to fuel up on the type of energy you receive when you hang with people in the flesh.

I adore my alone time and energise in a softer, different way when I’m meditating and journalling, but I’m definitely not shy in saying that I also need ze people. Ze awesome people! The ones I can hug and kiss and look in the eye when I’m sitting right next to them!

I’d make a terrible hermit. I’m also an ENFP, a Sagittarius and The Enthusiast (7) on the Enneagram, which pretty much explains things.

As of right now, consider Operation Socialise More: in motion. And without any further ado, let’s jump into this week’s love list!


From Earth & Water (or, The Best Raw Cafe Ever)




One of the best discoveries I’ve made recently is the existence of the “bigger, brighter, better” version of one of my fave local eateries From Earth & Water… although it did come with a duh moment. I’ve been grieving the loss of this place for months (after the old space closed down) when it fact it had just moved up the street and ’round the corner.

Yep. Major duh.

Alas, the raw flaxseed tacos and I have been reunited like long lost lovers and the affair is back in full swing. Yum.

I Love Lamp



Himalayan Salt lamp, to be specific. It’s good for the soul, this thing. Do you have one?

Skype Dates



I love taking things “further” (in a non-creepy, totally awesome way) by chatting on Skype to my online babes, and this week I’ve had the pleasure of connecting for the first time on Skype with Candice from Co-Inside, who is absolutely divine, as well as being interviewed by Kirri from Kirri White Life Coaching.

I also squeezed in a chat with gorgeous Connie from

The number of awesome women I’ve connected with through this blog never ceases to amaze me!

Raw Addiction




I was pumped to find this recipe book by Katrina Ellis waiting for me at the Post Office and have been drooling over the food inside ever since.

If you haven’t come across Katrina:

12 years ago Katrina was exposed to a deadly toxic chemical and within three months, faced the toughest challenge of her life when she was told that she had a rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

After several misdiagnoses, the cancer had spread throughout her body and she was advised that surgery followed by aggressive chemotherapy was the only chance to extend her life. Because of her experience as an international naturopath she opted for a combination of orthodox treatments and complementary therapies. Against all advice, Katrina opted to stop chemotherapy.

Using her knowledge as a naturopath, she employed healthy organic raw foods, herbs and the power of her mind to heal her body. The doctors told her she would be a lucky girl if she lived past the year – that was 12 years ago.  They also told Katrina that it would be unlikely that she would have children.  With the help of natural medicine she also proved them wrong and gave birth to a beautiful boy and girl.

If you’re into healing, healthy recipes – there are 150+ inside – grab your copy of Raw Addiction here.

Little snippets of lovely:

Yoga and Pilates Barre + deep chats with my ever-wise husband + making changes + listening to audiobooks before I drift off to sleep + honeymoon anticipation (getting closer!) + Fleetwood Mac afternoons.



What are you celebrating in your life at the moment?

Bonus q: Do you work from home? Do you feel like you need to pry yourself away from the computer and get out and about for some quality face time? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the working alone set-up works for you in the comments.

Images: Kind Over Matter

Making Me Happy


Hey, hey, happy Making Me Happy day!

I’m parked at my computer listening to Jen Louden and Justine Musk riff on writing and creative bad-assery, and at the same time, there’s an army of ideas battling it out in my head which is making it rather hard for me to sit still. It’s been one of those weeks – New Moon juju swirling, honeymoon excitement building, visions clarifying, being back in ‘student mode,’ dancing around the house to JT, planning, Post-It’ing. I’ve been working on reconnecting with my creative essence through meditation and in my sacred shower thinking time (yeah, you know it baby!) and it’s like a galaxy of lightbulbs have just gone off in my head.

I think I need to go for a run to burn off some energy.

Before I spontaneously combust, I think we should dive into this week’s love list… whaddaya say?!





Hello, game-changer.

I’m not sure what to say about the Vitamix other than WOW. It does everything (loudly, quickly, awesomely). It’s rocking socks in the MacDonald household, that’s for shizzle.

All the hype? Totally warranted.

(ps: do you think I need to replant my tall succulent friend? Ha!)




How was your Easter break? Feeling refreshed and all choc’d out?

My break was a goodie. On Saturday, Ramai and I spent the day and night with my family – first with my Mum/ step-dad/ one of my brothers, and then, later, over at my Dad’s house where we drank organic wine, talked about staying at Buddhist monasteries and random visits from monk spirits (my Dad and step-mum’s experience), laughed at the shenanigans of their little ones as the sun came down on a stunning Autumn afternoon and generally vibed out on love, family and happiness. It was a gorgeous reminder of what really matters.

My parents (and their significant others) are all in really good places at the moment and there was this beautiful ease about our day on Saturday that hit me right in the heart.

More of that, please. I love seeing my MIP’s (most important peeps) super happy.




I’ll post separately on this but one of the coolest things to come out of this week is that on Monday I was attuned as a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner!

Incredible stuff. I’m ‘playing’ with the energy and practicing lots (loving it!) and will be adding – in whatever way it comes to form – Reiki, EFT and a bunch of other things to my coaching and workshops/ retreats that I hold in the future.

I’ve got a few ideas for ‘getting out from behind the screen’ (a group I’ve been wanting to start on the Gold Coast, as well as workshops) and while we’re on the topic, I would LOVE to hear in the comments whether you’d be down for some in-person stuff with me this year?

Getting Clear



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the evolution of my blog and my ‘brand.’

I started In Spaces Between a few months shy of two years ago, and over that time, I’ve changed and my style has changed. A natural evolution, of course.

Even though I still dig the things I wrote about at the start of my blogging journey (design, fashion, weddings – well, actually, the latter was more of a ‘time in my life’ situation) I no longer feel compelled to write about them, and as you would have noticed, haven’t actually written about them in quite a long time. I use Instagram for that kind of stuff now (click the link to follow).

As a perpetual student of life, I’m always hungry to learn more and amplify the things that really resonate with me, and I’m definitely hearing the call to step into a new brand and a new site that reflects where I’m at personally and in my work.

The messaging/ vibe/ feel of this space is going nowhere… I’m just ready to take it higher and play BIGGER. Think fresh colours, new features, more content – all the good stuff!

Sending an official call out to the Universe to send me the perfect designer (soon, please, my friend).




What’s thrilling you silly right now? Declare it. Share it. Celebrate it!

Images: Looks Good on Ya | Sho and Tell | A Nice Little Tumblr