New York: Round Two // Part 2

The wonderful thing about travel is that it stirs in you a desire to do things that you wouldn’t normally do – or think to do – while you’re at home. Our unspoken motto for travelling is to be open to surprise and serendipity and to look for inspiration (or even better, let inspiration find us) in unexpected places. Magic always trickles in that way!

On our trip to New York earlier this year, we became seriously enamoured with our Canon SLR, which I think was in equal parts due to us finally having the free time to play around with it, and most importantly, because we were buzzing on an NYC high and wanted to suck it all up through the lens to take home with us. We were ready for encounter, champing at the bit to unleash some creative energy on the world! I know that goes against everything a holiday stands for – doing nothing, sleeping in, eating yourself into a food coma – but I kinda get off on filling that glorious “free space” in my head with creative stuff when I don’t have to worry about to-do lists, journalists and copywriting (I work in digital PR).

It all feels very… expansive.

So that’s how we ended up at the Bronx Zoo.

Random? Perhaps. But also one of the most inspiring, memorable days of our trip. Because it was spontaneous, and different, and we had so much fun getting all paparazzi-like on the poor, unsuspecting animals. Inspiration from an unexpected place, for sure! We were also happy to venture out of Manhattan and see the differences in everything from architecture to lifestyle and culture in another borough. Eye-opening.

Hope you like (just a small part) of our photo collection from the day. Be sure not to miss Pouty McPout – giraffe diva extraordinaire! Oh and speaking of diva’s… you’ll see.

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