Behind the Scenes with a Bride-to-Be: Under 3 Weeks to Go!


Holy moooooley.

Here’s how this excited bride-to-be has been keeping busy of late…

Health & Beauty


No-one had the heart to tell Rachel that she’d mistakenly covered her face in Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing. 

The lowlight of the week was definitely spending Wednesday doubled-over in pain with… get this… kidney stones. I know – what? All is well now but I definitely won’t be rushing to experience that kind of pain again. Eck. 

Kidney stones aside, on the beauty front I’ve been madly slathering Sodashi’s beautiful new Brightening Marine Mineral Mask all over my face twice a week and hand-on-heart, I can honestly say that this is the best mask I’ve ever used. Period.

I always look for ‘brightening’ properties in my skincare (to counteract pigmentation – I live in sunny Queensland after all) and the consistency and way the mask leaves my skin feeling is just divine. It’s nice and thick ‘n’ creamy and comes with a handy mini “spatula” (I’m sure this is the technical term) for applying the product. Winner.

I also start my 12 Hypoxi sessions next week so will do a full wrap up before the wedding as I know a few of you were keen to know more.



I’m not going to sugar-coat this – my moods over the past week have been kinda up and down (and up… and down). So fun, you guys!

On Tuesday, before The Kidney Stone Adventure, I was feeling so “un-me” that I left work feeling sick, called my naturopath to see if she could squeeze me in for an appointment ASAP and literally had to hold back tears as I walked through the door and she greeted me with a big hug and a knowing smile.

The conversation basically went like this:

Her: “So lovely, what’s up?”

Me: “I’m just feeling a bit… you know… UGH… and…”

Her: “You’re melting?”

Me: “Exactly.”

Her: “Mmm hmmm.” (knowing smile)

We chatted about what was on my plate at the moment and the ways I could make the last couple of weeks before the wedding less crazy-crazy and more crazy-good, and I instantly felt better. She made a very good point that when you try to live/ do live your life at an ambitious 10 out of 10 most of the time, dipping down to a 7 out of 10 can have a huge effect on the way you show up in the world, and that often, there may be other things at play.

Sam (naturopath wonder woman) is a specialist in female hormones and previous tests had revealed mine were quite out of whack, so she stocked me up with some fantastic supplements to help them along and I feel eleventy million times better already.

If you’re ever feeling slightly left-of-centre and you feel like “something is just not right” I can’t recommend getting a hormone test enough. The results may surprise you. Burnt out adrenals and weird cortisol readings ain’t cool in the long-term sweet thangs!

Random tidbit:

In discussions with Sam, we came up with a plan for a Wedding Week, which will kick off on the Sunday night prior to the wedding and entail a bushwalk, reading, pampering, lots of quality time with Ramai and absolutely no planning (until the day before, which is Decorate The Venue Day). Sounds pretty much perfect to me!



I think in my last update I said that we were aiming to have everything pretty much sorted out by May 6.

So, did we get it all done? Not quite. Lots of it, yes, but there are still a few things to wrap up, and following a trip to our venue last weekend we realised that there are some decorations required for areas we hadn’t previously considered. Never-ending I tells ya!

Some of the things we have been doing:


As you can see above, this morning we wandered across to the beach to go on a stick finding mission so we can create our very own “rustic arch” for the wedding. I love the sun/ salt-bleached ones we found on the rocks and looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!


All has been decided, and they are going to be epic.


Ramai visited his parents yesterday, who were getting rid of some weathered old fence palings, and what do you know – WE need weathered old fence palings! Win win.


Is freaking expensive. But necessary. Currently going through a gargantuan quote and picking the essentials, but we’re thrilled to be working with two guys that just ‘get it.’


Are nearly complete! I had to stop writing them on the plane to Melbourne yesterday as I was tearing up too much, and then had to pretend I was reading a really sad book (Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions, FYI, which is anything but sad).

Note to self: finish vows off in a private place. Second note to self: practice like a mofo to avoid full-on tear-fest at altar.


Now I’ve been saving the best news for last. As mentioned above, yesterday I flew to Melbourne for the day, and for a very special reason – to pick up my wedding dress!

Seriously, is it legal to marry a dress? I’m crazy about it! Love love love. It’s everything I dreamt of and more, and my girlfriend who accompanied me as I picked it up simply said (tears in eyes): “Oh Rach, it’s just so YOU.”

‘Til next time! Drop me a line in the comments to tell me what’s going on in your world, I’d love to chat. 

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10 Comments to “Behind the Scenes with a Bride-to-Be: Under 3 Weeks to Go!”

  1. Kidney stones?!? My gosh – you poor thing. Glad to hear you are feeling better and are back to your normal self – onwards and upwards from here! Enjoy these last few weeks leading up to the -BIG- day! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds and THAT dress – I’m sure the whole thing will be absolutely swoon-worthy x

  2. Rachel, it is excellent to read a post from you. I had been getting withdrawal symptoms from not getting my “in spaces between” fix!! So know that however up-and-down-and-up you’ve been feeling, you’ve got lots of online love streaming towards you over these here interwebs!!
    Your wedding prep sounds wonderfully exciting, and I’m sure I’m not alone in being so oddly, ridiculously excited for a wedding for someone I’ve never met, (but am sure would get along amazeballs with in real life!!) Again, a testament to the online lovin’ & community feel you’ve built up here!!
    Anyway, my beautiful bumble bee, sending you wishes & love, pop tarts & unicorns, beautiful weather & thoughts of peace!! We all can’t wait to hear all about it, and are hoping that the next three weeks – whatever they bring – are filled with lots of love!!!

  3. Take care of yourself, beautiful lady, and that amazing and enduring spirit of yours will soar! Sending you lots of joy and love xoxo

  4. Hi Rach,

    I know you may not have been having the bestest week but can I just saw how HAPPY your blog makes ME?! I always find something postive and something to aspire to in your blog. SO REFRESHING.

    Hope this week is as shinny an happy as can be!

    Neha. X

  5. Jackie: I know, right? I feel like an old man, ha! I can’t wait to share the “end result” with you all – it’ll be like the proverbial “slideshow night” once we get the photos back. ;) xx

    Jessie Juju: What an absolute treasure you are. Thank you, thank you! Your comment has just made my day! xx

    Dee: Thank you! xx

    Shanny: Received & sent right back at you too sweets xx

    Neha: Thank you gorgeous, and your kind words make ME happy xx

  6. Wow, I’m so sorry about the kidney stones — my dad’s had them before, and I know secondhand that they’re terrible. (My aunt’s compared them to being worse than being in labor, if that gives you a weird sense of consolation?)

    Can’t believe the wedding is under 3 weeks away!! I’m so ridiculously happy for you, & although I’m a newcomer to In Spaces Between (about a month or so) — I’m obsessed. I love reading you & your inspiration, and it’s given me so much happiness. Can’t wait to read more as it goes on. <3 xx

  7. Just reading these posts is making me uber excited in an eeeekkkk omg kinda way! Three weeks, WOW!
    It’s so crazy to think it’s almost a year since I began reading your blog & reading your posts about on your ideas etc…
    You guys have put so much of yourselves & your spirits into your special day that the outcome cannot be anything but magical.
    I love, love, love the fact that you guys have made so much of the decor yourselves. Very excited to see the out come.

    Enjoy & embrace these precious moments. You have this!

    Many happy & blissful vibes your way my dear :)

    Love, Jenn

  8. Late to the party here, but I still wanted to leave congratulations about the wedding and sympathy about those kidney stones! Glad you’re past the stones and on the way to the wedding! I’m new here and am having a great time reading your posts. Nice blog.

    (Oh, and I’ve grabbed your “Unplug and go outside” jpeg for my computer — I hope you do not mind — I did it so I can look at daily. Or hourly. Heck, even every half hour. I work from home, so it’s a little too easy for me to spend days *not* going outside. I need the reminder!)

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