Presenting: Our Wedding Website!

I’m so excited to share this with you! I’ve been seriously DYING to show everyone our beautiful wedding website for weeks now, and I just couldn’t hold on any longer, so here she is…

(drum roll please)

May I now introduce to you, the gorgeous, the fabulous, the so-pretty-it-brings-a-tear to my eye,!

(confetti and cheering ensues!) 

The Backstory, Or Why We Decided To Create A Wedding Website

I got in touch with the extraordinarily talented Tabitha Patterson last year because I’ve been a ginormous fan of her work for quite some time and knew she’d be the perfect person to help us capture the mood of our wedding day creatively.

Because we’re having our wedding in Byron Bay and most people are making a weekend of it (hooray!), there are a bunch of details that didn’t quite fit on the invitations, so Ramai and I decided to pull together a website that contained all the necessary information, as well as giving us a platform to share our photos, talk about our love story (and how we got engaged) as well as write something special about each member of our bridal party. The idea is that it will give everyone a little taster and set the tone for a very special day.

I think you’ll agree Tabitha has absolutely nailed it with the site design. My favourite parts are the hand-illustrated R & R monogram and the flowers that pop up when you scroll over the main nav bar. It’s all in the details!

I’m going to let you head over and see for yourself, but I really hope you enjoy reading the words we’ve whipped up. I have to tell you that I sat at the computer sobbing on more than one occasion when I was working on this site. Writing about the most important people in your life is an emotional undertaking!

* I should also mention, I’ve made one of the pages ‘The Details’ private for now, so please excuse the strange looking text when you click that one, and also, the site looks best on a Mac. As most sites do. 

+ What do you think? Tell me in the comments! Are you swooning over Tabitha’s work as much as I am?

+ If you get a chance, I’d love you to leave us a comment in the guestbook too. All words of wisdom or ‘hi there’s’ will be gratefully received x

26 Comments to “Presenting: Our Wedding Website!”

  1. Oh Rach I absolutely love it! What a perfect wedding website and I loved reading the story about how you two got together!!

    The flowers along the navigation bar when you hover are such a nice touch! She has done a fantastic job! :)

  2. Thank you soooo much gorgeous girls, I’m beyond thrilled that you like it! It’s been a labour of love (literally) in the best possible way. I can’t wait to add all our photos from our engagement shoot in March and of course, the ones from our Big Day! xx

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now but am a first time ‘commentator.’ Where have you been all my life?! Loving every post and this one is no exception. What a fabulous idea! You have an incredible way with words. Keep doing what you are doing!

  4. What a beautiful website to relish in your beautiful memories of the past and to set the way for the impending ones! I bet your wedding party are feeling oh so loved by you both. Oh how I would be! I so enjoyed reading your story and cant wait to hear the future ones!

  5. Oh thank you Caroline, and hooray for your first comment. I really appreciate your kind words… and definitely intend on doing what I’m doing for a very long time! xx

    Aasta: Thank you so much. We’re feeling the love in a big way — and can’t wait to tell you all more stories after the big day rolls around. xx

  6. Rach, so beautiful. Such an epic, fabulous idea!
    Queenstown must have some magic, that’s where my man and I first proclaimed our love for each other! A year after that, we moved there to live for nearly a year, and while we were there, I proposed to him by the lake at sunset!
    Sending you loads of magical loved up thoughts.

  7. Thanks Rebecca!

    And Tara, aww, I love Queenstown – so magical, there is such a beautiful energy there! I love that you proposed to your man there too, how gorgeous. Thank you for your comment lovely xx

  8. Rach – what an amazing amazing story (and website!). It’s 8am in the morning and we (yep, a merry band of Euro/Aus colleagues) have just poured over your story like it’s the long-lost 8th Harry Potter novel … and there isn’t a dry eye in the house. I almost cheered for you both out loud when I got to the end! You are going to be a beautiful bride … congratulations to you both, you are clearly destined to have a lifetime of happiness together xxx

    Oh … and how amazing is Tabitha?!

  9. Thanks Danelle, isn’t she AMAZING?! xx

    Kim: Oh my gosh, I’m sitting here cracking up laughing at your comment, I totally flattered/ humbled that your friends would even want to read our story :) Thank you so much, I definitely still have to pinch myself sometimes. Lucky girl. Much love to you & team Euro/ Oz! xx

  10. Congratulations to you both. I saw this over at Tabitha’s blog and she has done a fantastic job. Love her designs. And you have such a great blog too! All the best for your wedding and a wonderful future together.

  11. OMG, cry much?!?! I’m seriously sitting here at my Mac, crying my eyes out! Such a beautiful story and such an amazing future ahead…thank you, Rach & Ramai – you’ve made me believe in true love again, and you give me hope for the future. All the best to you both always xoxox

  12. It is so perfect!! She really did an incredible job :) And your love story is so beautiful :) Byron is a beautiful place, I live just down the road from there actually, I hope you two have the most amazing day and life together :) x Melissa

  13. I read the little “our story” box and had to check out your wedding website — it’s amazing! Beautifully done, congratulations to you to and good luck for your impending wedding x

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