Wedding Inspiration: Sequins and Sparkles









As I may have mentioned once or twice, I’m currently on the hunt for my wedding gown, which is super exciting but kinda hard. What if I find something I love now, that I don’t love so much next year? My taste changes all the time! What if I find my dream dress and it’s ridiculously out of my budget? So much to consider!

Anyway, on my search for the perfect dress, I can’t help but continually refer back to Elie Saab’s astonishly beautiful Fall 2011 Couture pieces for inspiration. The whole collection just blows me away. Pure magic. 

I’m starting to think these floaty, ethereal masterpieces must have triggered some ‘girly glamour’ neurons in my brain, because I’m all about (tasteful) sequins and sparkly accoutrements at the moment. What do you think? If they’re done right – as in, a pair of delicately sequined shoes with a simple dress, or a headpiece that sparkles ever-so-slightly – I think they can be totally gorgeous.

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