First Time for Everything: An In Spaces Between Video!

Well hello there! I hope you’ve all had a spectacular little weekend.

I’ve been busy making my first (very unpolished) video for In Spaces Between which I’ll give you a chance to watch for yourself below.


1. Speaking into the camera on a laptop is a very strange thing. VERY. The words “complete” and “doofus” spring to mind…

2. On that, it really is quite bizarre watching and listening to yourself on video. Is that what my voice sounds like? I really AM a fidgety person! Am I making sense? All thoughts I had watching this one back – but you know what? It can only get better from here!

3. Connie’s site is A Life of Perfect Days, as mentioned. Clickety click.

4. I have no idea how to use iMovie, and my man just came in the door from his gigantic weekend in Melbourne for his bucks party and is in no state to help me. Current status: asleep on the couch. So excuse the “rawness” of my movie debut (and if anyone knows how to minimise the significant reduction in quality once the movie is uploaded to YouTube, I’m all ears!)

5. I’m not sure if I made it sound a little dramatic, as if I wouldn’t be blogging at all over the next two months, but I wanted to assure you that I certainly will be stopping in (and perhaps fine-tuning my video producing skills), just not as regularly. Only for now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and like I said in the video, please drop me a line if you have any questions and I’ll work out some sort of format for this as we progress. I love trying new things, so let’s just see how it all unfolds shall we? x

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  1. Thank you so much Janine, it’s a bit nerve-wracking (but good for development!) doing these things but I think I like it! Glad the message resonated with you xox

  2. Rach, you are just so gorgeous! Congratulations on your first videos. You did an amazing job, and I loved your answer to that question. Something I definitely need to hear at the moment. Ha ha I’m hearing you about how weird it is to talk into a lap top – you’re a natural though! Keep ’em coming. It’s cool to get to know you even more! x

  3. Aww Jess, you are far too sweet! Thank you gorgeous! Eek, it’s such a wig out… When I watched it back it was almost like I was watching someone else. Haha! Big love to you xx

    Alison. sounds like we’re all in the same boat at the moment – glad this was food for thought for you tonight! xx

  4. WELL DONE RACHEL!!You are a movie star now. :) I think you did a wonderful job on your first video!! I loved the shared wisdom about prioritising rather than trying to balance EVERYTHING. I will make an effort to focus on that myself. It is easy to become overwhelmed at times in the pursuit of perfection. Looking forward to your next clip. xx

  5. Wow, you are gorgeous Rachel! I just watched this video from bed, and leaned over to show hubby your stunning smile. He is a dentist!
    You really are beautiful! You know when you imagine how someone will be like from their writing? You were what I imagined- articulate, sweet, caring and serving. Love video format!!! Please do more. I will email some questions I have!

    Congratulations on your video debut!

  6. Franny and Marianne: what would I do without the support of you two? Always so kind and full of touching words – totally grateful for you both.

    I’m excited to do another vid now! Absolutely send some q’s through M ;) x

  7. You are unbelievably gorgeous Rachel. Thank you so much for this video – definitely puts things in perspective, as I too am an over-achiever, a perfectionist and forever searching for balance! You rock! x

  8. Thank you for answering my question so perfectly sweetheart. I have actually heard several times that the concept of balance is quite an illusion and that we can never actually really attain it. I really love your tip about picking a few projects at a time and focusing your energy on them instead.

    I can relate to exactly what you say at the start about attempting to spread your creative self across too many areas. I feel like I have been juggling so many different things, that no one thing ever really gets my full attention. But, your suggestions have really helped. It is also so reassuring to know that there are other people out there experiencing the same challenges I am!

    Your video was fabulous. After following your blog for months, it is so wonderful to see you on video too. Can’t wait to watch more of them!!

    Thanks again for your wonderful advice, and for being such an inspiration.

    Connie xx

  9. Well done Rach, a fantastic first video & a great answer to a question that no doubt alot of us struggle with. I love this idea honey, you are a natural, so keep going. So proud of you xx

  10. No need to be nervous for your second video, Rach – you were a complete natural (and I speak from some experience!) You should definitely keep this up – it was engaging, informative and just really enjoyable to watch. You’re incredibly relatable and I loved watching this!

  11. LOVE this video post…awesome :) Having just got married and starting a new business at the same time, this post totally resonated with me. It’s so hard to find that balance between everything. Prioritising is key, thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom x x

  12. Eeekkk I’m crying! What the?!…..
    You’re words couldn’t have come at a better time, I love the idea (and need to encourage it more in my life) about concentrating and using your energy for priorities in your current life rather than trying to balance EVERYTHING in your life perfectly.
    I made a promise to myself at Christmas that I would show my (little) blog some more love and get right back into it. Well, this lasted about 4 weeks I think and suddenly I found myself not having enough time, energy or motivation to keep it going. I really felt like I had let myself down, while I don’t many followers out there in the social media world, I still felt as if a promise had been broken and the guilt was terrible. After watching this I know I shouldn’t feel like this and prioritising things like my interior course, Oscar and looking after the little peanut growing inside of me was far ahead of my blog. I know I will come back to it one day as I think I about it everyday and have list of things I want to share with the world! But for now it can wait, and I”m ok with this.
    Congratulations on such a wonderful first video, your voice sounds just as lovely you are! Look forward to many more :)
    Enjoy Melbourne!!
    Kate xx

  13. Oh Rach what a fantastic video! I know it may seem unpolished to you but I was struck by how put together it all seems and how professional yet down to earth you came across!

    You have tackled such an important topic that I think speaks to all of us blogging ladies, I mean why would we spend so much time and energy on a personal project for very little benefit if we weren’t all such high achievers and perfectionists!

    Having squeezed so much into the past week, uni, a trip to melbourne, time with family, the girls and of course the boyf – my body now seems to be saying ‘wait, what about me?’ so I am coming down with the start of a cold.

    It is a timely reminder (and some health issues in the family) that health really is a non-negotiable, because otherwise how are all the other balls going to stay in the air :P Thank you for the inspiration to take a step back from doing so much and focus on me.

    I think you are doing the absolute right thing taking time to focus on your wedding – we all hope that it is something we will do only once, so it is super important to get it right the first time!! Imagine how amazing it will be to look around on the day, surrounded by all the important people in your life and think ‘wow, I created this’.

    Don’t worry, I will disappear off the face of the interwebs when exam time rolls around, you don’t need to be apologetic or feel guilty – I’m sure you will come back feeling rejuvenated, inspired and excited to focus that creative energy once more!

  14. Rach, great job! I love the video idea, I watched it last night before bed and it gave me some great things to think about, like priorities in life. Im one of those people that try to do ” too much” and I end up not doing any of them as well as I could. Keep the video’s coming Rach, i think they are terrific and very motivating! xx

  15. This was great. So applicable to my life at the moment! Also just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. It is amazing and you are doing a great job :)

  16. Rach, you have and always will be a superstar! Loved seeing your gorgeous face on a video – congrats! You seem much more natural than you think you do, trust me. Talking at a omputer screen is a very bizarre feeling but you coped well.

    I’d love to know how you deal with the guilt that I find comes with letting go of some things while you cope with others. I have and always will be a people pleaser and the hardest person to please is myself. I am always telling myself I can’t do everything well but I never really let myself believe it.


  17. Arggghhh I love you! I just watched this now honey and it was fantastic, loving the video update, gives the lazy eyes a break from reading too!’s so true what you said and great to see your beautiful face! Xxxx

  18. Fantastic Video Blog!!!
    Watched it while cooking dinner with Mum, and now she is all intrigued with you!

    Is that a Palette your using as a bookshelf in the background????

  19. I’m absolutely blown away by all your beautiful comments – thank you so much for the support everyone! I can’t wait to do the next vid now!

    And yep Eli, we made the bookshelf from a pallet we found on the side of the road :) x

  20. Argh! So cute!! Great video, Rach. Loved the simplicity of the message, it’s one I forget or don’t pay enough attention to so often. Next time I find myself treading water I am going to re-watch it as a good reminder!

    Good to ‘see’ you too, looking smashing! You need to send that to Colgate- they will have you on their next ad in seconds! xxx

    • SJ! Soooo amazing to hear from you lovely. I miss you! Thank you for your very sweet words – now it’s your turn to make a vid so I can see you :) x

  21. I FINALLY got around to watching this – you are such a natural in front of the camera! You actually remind me a little of Zoe Foster (both your voice, manner and impeccable makeup)! I loved what you said and am going to try (very hard!) to apply that to all the various happenings in my life. And I hope the wedding planning is all going beautifully! xx

    • Sophie: Oh thank you gorgeous girl, what a compliment (blush!) Baby steps.. but I’d love to hear how you go with applying it. xx

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