Making Me Happy

For us Southern Hemisphere-ians at least, and I couldn’t be happier! The mornings are lighter, the collective energy has lifted, blessings are poking their heads out of teensy little crevices and I’m feeling ebullient (word of the moment).

Some random thoughts and things from the past week:

One // I’m having a grand ol’ time honing my intuition. When it tells me no, I assess the situation, trust that I’m guided and that’s that. No regrets, no second-guessing. Bold decisions and then… peace. I turned down a big opportunity for my blog this week because I know I don’t have the time to commit to it like a pro without running myself into the ground and spending less time here, and I honestly feel really good about it. My inner boundary-maker is rejoicing. (I’d love to know about your inner guides – have they sent you any profound correspondence of late?)

Two // Hairdressers have magic powers. Whipping my hair back and forth as I type (not really… ok, just once).

Three // If I had to choose just one question from the Things People Ask Me Most Often bag, it would be this: “How do you juggle it all/ get everything done?” Warning: truth ahead (and I’m telling you this because I know you’re riding the wave of your own big desires too and it can be comforting to hear what I’m about to say). Here’s the thing: I do the work. Every day. I’m still waiting for the fairies to zoom in the front door and do it for me, but until then, I’ll be sitting on the computer every morning before work while Ramai watches surf movies on his iPad. I’ll be punching away at the keys on a Sunday while friends are sipping cider in the park. I’ll have my phone permanently affixed to my hand when I’m out and about to respond to comments and emails (sometimes not straight away, but I’ll always get to 99% of them). You’d be totally unimpressed with a movie screening of a ‘Day in the Life of Rach’. Mainly it would involve a lot of loud typing. Bang, bang.

You’ll notice I used the word ‘comforting’ up top and what I mean is, isn’t it satisfying to know that living up to your full potential – a journey of many small steps towards that big goal – is as simple as taking action? Knowing we each have access to that power is what drives me and all the people I know that are in the early stages of running their businesses, raising kids and doing what their souls call them to do. I’ve been bearing witness to an incredible equation unfolding all around me at the moment and it goes a little something like this:

Big dream + passion + intention + actually getting the job done = opportunity/ delight/ contentment/ super happiness. It’s a joy to behold.

Two more things on this topic. (1) Just as doing the work is essential, as is doing the down time. The lazing around, the switching off, the nature-hangs and beach-with-a-book days. Sleep, vegetables, inhaling and exhaaaaaaling – the other half of the circle. One needs the other. (2) Someone told me I was “so lucky!” the other day, but I know in my heart of hearts that simply being A Lucky Person wouldn’t captivate me in the long run. Building something from the ground up and being blessed through dedication and optimism does. I won’t go balls-to-the-wall forever, but it’s what is required now and I’m telling you all this because I want you to know that your hard work matters. It’s important. And when someone tells you that you’re lucky, smile a knowing grin and think to yourself “Luck is something I create, baby.”

Four // I re-read parts of Stephen King’s book On Writing the other day. Have you read it? It’s gold. Do you know he writes 7 days a week, 2000 words a day, without fail? Commitment is hot.

And now for the best of the rest…

R + R in Cosmo Bride!


Our wedding is being featured in Cosmo Bride!

I’ve had to keep the lid on this for a while but can now finally reveal that our Big Day will be appearing in the next issue, hitting newsstands on 15 October.

When I was planning our wedding, Cosmo Bride was the only bride-y magazine I ever bought, and being featured in their lovely pages is definitely the icing on the (wedding) cake for what was the best day of our lives to date. Totally makes the all-consuming DIY jobs and endless planning and intense day-before/ day-of rushing around styling worthwhile. I’m thrilled for our ‘A-Team’ too – our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without the suppliers that helped it flow seamlessly. Bring on October!



I popped up in the Tweed Coast Daily on Saturday and was interviewed by the effervescent, always sparkly Shanny from Let Your Joy Rise for her new series A Luminous Life.

Interviews are fun. Fact-a-mundo.

Books, Glorious Books


I love checking the mail at the moment. New treats this week include Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Add More ~ing to Your Life and Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work and Turning Pro.

Book Lovers Anonymous, here I come. But before I go… have you read anything amazing lately? (haha).

Tremendous tidbits:

Romantic dinners with my husband to celebrate his birthday + my A4 Moleskine – the love of my creative life + finally finishing the thank you cards for our wedding guests (cringes with embarrassment) + feeling kinda sorta maybe on top of things this week + backless tops + new affirmations on the shower screen + spending the day on Friday (public holiday) driving all over the place and “popping” in to see friends and family. Mum made me cry with her huge heart and humanitarian soul, Dad got a crash course in Facebook marketing, my brothers and I shared funny phone calls, and dinner with my best friends capped off a stellar day. Now to manifest non-work days every Friday…

Sunshine, that’s my love list for the week and now it’s all about you. A few q’s:

1 // What are you grateful for? Set your joy free. Mine your life for blessings… and share ’em here. We’re ready to celebrate with you.

2 // What boundaries need to be set in your life? Are you being stretched or challenged? Saying yes to everything and resenting it? Unload.

3 // What excuse or stale old story about yourself needs to be kicked to the curb right this very second? For reals. Let’s kick it together.

PS: Have you read More Magic, All the Time yet? Download your free copy now using the box below. xo

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14 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Your making me happy’s make me very happy as well! Thanks for the loving reminder we have so much to be thankful for!
    Also thanks for your post especially speaking about our own internal boundaries and knowing when to say no and when to say yes. Especially considering I just woke up feeling terribly sick, clearly I waited to long and my body is telling me no more.I find the difficult thing is figuring out when you need to sometimes power through because you have to work and nothing comes easy in this life or take a moment to relax and let your body heal.
    It’s a very fine line and I don’t think I have quite figured it all out yet, but in the mean time I hope to just try and listen to my body and my inner self as best as I can.
    Thanks for the reminder beautiful x

  2. Maddison: Hi gorgeous!

    Ahh that fine line between “soldiering on” and “taking a break” – it can be a tricky one for sure.

    My thoughts are this: an issue or feeling of being “off” or overwhelmed starts somewhere deep in your body – and will sit in that place, festering, while you keep pushing it down. Those icky feelings will build upon each other until eventually, you’ll reach the last step in the equation where the feelings will manifest as a full-on physical problem.
    That could be a sore neck, or a stomach bug, or lethargy or whatever, but basically it’s your body saying “Ok, if you won’t listen to me at the core level, I’ll MAKE you listen!” It’s amazing to tune into that frequency and see what’s up.

    Take a day or two to recuperate and come back fresh. You’ll get things done a gajillion times faster when you’re on your game. Do some scribbling in a journal, work out where those blocks are coming from & set some plans in place to ease up a little and incorporate more self-care. Let me know how you go! xx

  3. I really enjoyed the part of the post about commitment and doing the work. I agree. Even when we are passionate about things, we still need to work hard to make it happen. Sometimes it means saying no to a dinner invitation, waking up early or going to bed later. I find that so many people give up when the going gets tough; however, commitment is key. And in your words “commitment is hot”.

    I haven’t been reading your blog long enough to know if you read these but here are my recent faves:
    Brida by Paulo Coelho
    One week job by Sean Aiken – great book about doing random jobs for 1 week periods to figure out his passion.
    Donald Miller – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life

    Thanks for a great post!

  4. Natalia: Commitment is damn FIIIIINE! Some of the coolest things in this world – the things that make our lives easier + better – are the result of laser focus, crazy hot commitment. People that said “Just one more go.”

    I haven’t read any of those books so thank you so much for the recs (and for stopping by today, lovely to have you here). xx

  5. Ok, Rach, let me lay the scene out for you:

    It is 7pm on Tues night here in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and I am alone in my room absolutely BALLING my eyes out because:

    a) I am on the other side of the world, alone, cold, and feeling like I don’t fit in;
    b) I have received heartbreaking news from my best mate back home that has absolutely destroyed my beliefs and confidence;
    c) I really want a hug from my Mum right now (lame, I know, but still true)

    Then I open up your page to see if you had some words of wisdom to help me get through this, and what do you know? They are right there, as always…

    The questions you posed at the bottom have totally got me thinking about what I need to let go of, what I need to accept, and what I need to embrace. I’m tired of always feeling like I’m not good enough, that everything I do is never enough, that I’m always going to be the woman who’s husband ran off because she wasn’t a good enough wife…sigh. It is getting exhausting. In a nutshell:

    1 // What am I grateful for? – Traveling the world and learning to be independent, strong and full of spirit, all on my own. I’m eternally grateful for my family back home who loves and supports all my crazy endeavours, even from across the planet.

    2 // What boundaries need to be set in my life? – I need to achieve more balance between the wandering traveller I have been and the settled uni student I need to be now…albeit in Canada, studying abroad..

    3 // What excuse or stale old story about me needs to be kicked to the curb right this very second? – That I’m too old for this, that I’m a pathetic divorcee, that I’m damaged goods, that I am living a reckless life of my own choosing…all of those can go! I want to learn to love openly and whole-heartedly again, and prove that I can find true love and joy in this world again…


    Sorry for the MAJOR download, but that has just helped me SOOOO much! At least I’ve stopped crying, for now. Thank you, Rach, thank you from the bottom of my heart – I feel like you’ve just reached across the world and given me a big hug and smile and told me that everything will be ok…

    Much love and joy to you, always xo

  6. P.S: So glad you enjoyed being a part of ‘A Luminous Life’! It was such a pleasure and honour to have you as my first guest blogger! Thanks a million, sunshine! xoxo

  7. Commitment is SO hot. :)

    Can I just say that your weekly posts make ME so happy?! I love checking in every week to them; they are so full of inspiration and love.

    It must be a astrological thing, because I have been a major victim of lethargy lately, and it seems like I’m not the only one. Thanks for the virtual kick in the rear to get me going!


    P.S. Love love love your Ebook! And I also loved seeing my tweet on your post :p

  8. I had a lesson in boundary setting this week. It might sound silly or petty, but: a work colleague keeps asking me to lunch each week. My lunch break is writing time, de-briefing time, quiet time, me time. I really need the solace of those 30-ish minutes to re-group before heading back into the fray.
    So on Monday, I said ‘no’ to lunch. This is a big thing for a chronic people-pleaser like myself. But I realised that if I didn’t start setting my own boundaries on this issue, then they were going to be set for me. And a weekly lunch date with a guy I hardly know is just not in alignment with where I want to be right now. This is a small + tiny step, but it made me feel good that I was actively asserting my own boundaries…

    I am grateful for two days off this week, meaning a four day weekend (Woo!) and for my beautiful boyfriend being down this week from his job up North. Also, I intend to be at the beach this time tomorrow, so – in advance, and in anticipation of it’s awesomery – I am grateful for the ocean and the September sun. Mmmmm delish!

    Congrats on the Cosmo spread – that sounds super thrilling! And ‘On Writing’ is indeed fabulous. I get a kick out of his (very eloquent) loathing for adverbs!! xo

  9. Shanny, honey. I’m sorry… and I’m here.

    Let me tell you a few things:

    1. I know you (so I speak with high authority here) and I want to remind you of your special ‘genius’ – and you know what that is? (amongst truckloads of other things) It’s connecting. You’re a communicator, a people person, a bright spark. Someone people gravitate towards because they want to feel good and uplifted – and they know you’ll deliver that in spades. This is WHO you are babe, and these feelings of not fitting in will pass very quickly. All it takes is one person. Simply ask the Universe to send you that one person you can connect with, and go from there. Snowball effect, ahoy!

    2. I’m so sorry to hear about the bad news. That sucks, and I can imagine being far from home makes it hurt even more. Do what you can, and make a promise to yourself that the behaviour of someone else won’t steal your sunshine (ever). Bring it back to what you can control – your reactions, your own behaviour, how you show up in the world.

    3. Your Mum may not be there, but you can betcha I’m sending you a huuuuuge virtual hug as I know she would be too (you know the tight squeeze type? THAT) + 1000 high fives for GETTING OUT THERE and LIVING YOUR DREAMS. Hear that hon, you’re out there… “in” life… doing stuff. Making it happen. Bravo.

    In relation to your answers to my q’s, see below:

    1 // YES. YES. YES.

    2 // Who says you can’t have both? Someone else… or you? I think just because you’re at Uni now doesn’t mean you have to become a non-travelling, library-hanging, hermit. You can combine the two for sure my love.

    3 // Bet that felt good to get those stale old beliefs out on the page. You’re not damaged goods sweetie (only if you allow yourself to be) and the “reckless” life you’re talking about comes across to me as an awesome adventure. Reckless would be you turning into a wild, drug-taking, crime-committing, energy-sucking person, and that ain’t you. Look at the love you’re adding to the world just through your blog alone.

    Much love + remember, “This too shall pass.” xxx

  10. Kate: Hot, hot, HAAWWWT! Thank you so much… and yep, that’s what I’m here for — a nice round-house kick to the bootay (with love, of course) when one needs it! Xx

    Jess: Hurrah! I’m so bloody happy to hear this – thank you for sharing. That’s a big WIN for you honouring your creative time. There’s so much energy in saying ‘no’ when you know you’ll end up resenting the fact it takes you out of creation mode. Bet it felt liberating (your inner goddess would agree).

    YAY for your man being down and September sun and beachy good times. How amazing is this time of year?!

    And yes, I think Mr King would shudder at some of my adverb-laden sentences. Haha! xx

  11. Rach, you’re so on par with the whole ‘doing the work’ thing.
    Thats all it takes… And in line with your procrastination post too, you just have to sit your ass down and work. Just start. Just do it. Do the work.
    (ps If you haven’t read the book called Do The Work, by Steven Pressfield, totes hit it up)

    That’s what I’m telling myself right now, and I honestly don’t think I’ve worked this hard, or this much before, but it feels farkin good to know that I’m putting everything I’ve got into what I do!

    Freakin love this post. Hiii5!


  12. Autumn may have hit here, but I am feeling the heat from this post!!! Such a lovely burst of sunshine on this chilly afternoon :)

    And Cosmo Bride?! Daaaannnnng girl! That is so fabulous – w.o.w Will this feature in Cosmo Bride Australia? I’ll need to get my hands on a copy :)

    This week I’m enormously thankful for friends, especially the ones that ring, text, and email out of the blue just to ask how your day it. Makes me want to be the best friend I can be to others too. I’m grateful for connections and advice from people I admire. I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel so easily – London beckons this weekend whooooo! And not forgetting nutricious and tummy lovin’ foods, pens & paper, nail polish, nature walks, Skype, old-skool movie nights, and vinyls (it’s the little things right?!)

    One area I need to set boundaries right now is with my parents funnily enough. Being an adult child when your folks are seperating is not easy. Ever. You want to love, support, and help them through a difficult time in their lives but at the same time you need to realise they are your parents too and there’s some things you just don’t need to be involved in. Hellloooo boundaries :)

    For realz, the reoccuring sorry old story that I keep telling myself lately it that I won’t be able to get myself back to my level of fitness and size that I was before my ex-fiance. Emotional eating & too many bottles of wine doesn’t make things better! haha So I need to ditch those limiting beliefs and go head strong towards my goal, like shazzzzaaaaam!

    Thank you beautiful girl for your amazing wisdom & support. Look forward to chatting soon! Hurrrrah! xxx

  13. Jenn: Hi babe! Oooh Autumn, my other favourite season. Crunchy leaves and pretty colours everywhere! Enjoy it for me.

    Thank you for your comments about Cosmo Bride. It’ll be in the Australia mag, but will definitely scan and post here for everyone to see.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your parents separating beautiful. I remember those feelings from when I was a child, but I can imagine it would be a totally different sitch when you’re an adult that has had life + personal experience to add into the mix. Definitely have a chat to them about the boundaries you feel you need to put in place so you can be there for them without being “too much in it all.”

    And before I go – you are one hot crumpet and I’m going to personally karate chop that story for you right here and now! Big love xx

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