On My Love List

I was hanging to see the wedding of James from Bleubird Vintage and her man – not only because she is ridiculously gorgeous and knew she’d make a breathtaking bride, but because I love her vintage-y aesthetic and thought that would translate beautifully for her big day.

I was not disppointed. Check out Part 1 and Part 2. Brooke Schwab is a genius behind the camera!

I have to say the feathers dipped in gold paint were a highlight, as were her picture-perfect family and the “autheticity” of the whole day that really shines through. Le sigh.

For even more swooniness, check out a sneak peek of their wedding video too via 100 Layer Cake.

Roses + succulents. An unexpected but delightful combo!

I love oversized flower crowns and I love Bardot. Combine the two and you, sir, have perfection.

Pretty roses for every month of the year (via Visciously Cyd).

How incredible is this fine art photo, depicting life underwater as it would have been in prehistoric times?

Peonies, peonies, gorgeous, amazing peonies. I heart you.

Amen (via here).

Yum, these eggs look amazing.

Don’t you just adore beautifully styled photos of food? I’m loving the work of Thuss + Farrell (check out their portfolio, it’s amazing!)

The current issue of Est Magazine is inspired by Scandinavian design. Yes. Yes. And YESSSSS.

Majorly crushing on the neon orange + tan combo as seen in these summery pics, found via Song of Style.

Continuing with the neon theme, this mega-bold poster is totally zesty-licious* (via here).

*may or may not be an actual word.

I need these pendant lights in my life.

I’ve always loved e.e. cummings’ poem ‘i carry your heart with me’ and this letterpress print from Satsuma Press is just divine.

An easy, eye-catching take on Valentine’s Day bunting.

Love this super cute card idea for all the lover lovahs this Valentine’s Day (adore the colours).

If you’re more into public displays of affection, why not recreate this creative bunting by Ashley Meaders Event Design?

Pink Jem-like hair in the WILDFOX SUMMER 2012 LOOKBOOK (via This is My Wonderland).

I’ll never get sick of lace.

On my mind: proteas, flower displays and handmade wooden arches. This one is particularly tremendous (via 100 Layer Cake).

+ What’s on your love list at the moment?

On My (Birthday) Wishlist!

It’s my birthday on the 23rd (next Wednesday, yippee!) and I’ve been asked numerous times by my man and my mother what I want, so I thought I’d help them out with a bit of an inspiration post.

What I actually really want is a new logo and web design but it’s quite far down the list of priorities at the moment, so above are some of the other goodies I’ve got my eye on.

You’ll notice there are no books on there, and the reason for this is I’ve been going CRAZY lately on the Book Depository – to the point where I can’t even remember how many I’ve ordered in the past week, which is slightly ridiculous. Fair to say I’m “well stocked up.” I also left clothing off this list as I plan on publishing a separate summer style post very soon.

1 // Tigerlily Euva Beach Towel – I’ve been using our regular bathroom towels down at the beach lately and they really don’t cut it. I love the simplicity of this Tigerlily one and I’m also a huge fan of the fringing. Win all round.

2 // Mezi Aaliyah necklace  – My love affair with statement necklaces continues. This one from new store Mezi is a show-stopper! Would be perfect with a plain black dress/ top.

3 // Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Calf Hair Wallet – Love Wang, love this wallet. Hot.

4 // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Messenger – Sigh. I’m majorly in love with the Pashli. Stunning.

5 // Kora Exfoliating Cream – Will I magically start looking like Miranda Kerr if I use this exfoliant?

6 // St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur – Yum. Perfect for summer cocktails in the afternoon sun.

7 // Topshop Leather Satchel – A more affordable alternative to the Phillip Lim messenger.

8 // Quiksilver Campfire Beach Blanket – Summer means plenty of picnics in the park, so I have no doubt this cute tribal print blanket will get whipped out on a regular basis.

9 // Peeptoe Goddess Isis Necklace – Again with the statement necklace love.

10 // She Sits By The Sea Shore Vintage Oil and Vinegar Bottles – I’m pretty lucky when it comes to op shop scores but there are some rarities that never seem to pop up, like these babies.

11 // Low Luv Triple Crystal Cocktail Ring and Large Pyrite Ring from Molten Store – Cool finger candy.

12 // Vintage globe – I’m obsessed with globes and have always wanted a vintage style one for my desk.

13 // Miles of Light 2012 Calendar and Rifle Paper Co. 2012 Calendar – Pretty paper goods for the New Year.

+ What about you, what are you currently coveting? I love a sneaky peek at other people’s wishlists so share below what you’re saving your pennies for!

An Ode to Summer


Long, languid days. Deep crimson sunsets and glimmering rays of light dancing across the sky. Twirling in a floaty, see-through dress, a tiny bikini peeking out from under a loose singlet. Bronzed skin, freckles smattered across noses, sand between toes, nectar on lips and tangled, salty hair.

This is summer.

Where I live, the weather gods have blessed us with plenty of sunshine over the past few weeks (despite the fact it’s still winter!), and as a result, I’ve been doing more than my fair share of summer dreaming.

To me, summer is light, airy, full of hope, optimistic. It brings with it celebration and relaxation in equal measure. I must apologise to my international readers here, who will now be staring down the barrel of autumn (fall) and then winter, but the point I want to make is, summer is more than just a season – it’s a state of mind. And essentially, it’s a feeling we can draw on at any moment in time, wherever we may be.

With that in mind, here’s my Ode to Summer. A little reminder, if you like, to keep my cup overflowing with joy and to create the space I need to feel free in every situation. I’ve printed it out twice (for my purse and my diary) to re-read when I need it. Love vibin’ straight off the page.

An Ode to Summer


Magic, laughter and soul-swelling adventures.
Delicious kisses; love wrapped around everything.

Game-changing, gigantic dreams becoming a reality.
Taking everything to the next level.

An all-encompassing warmth beaming from the inside out, and back in again.
Feeling beautiful wearing nothing but sun-kissed skin and a smile.

Electrifying enthusiasm and belly laughs.
Sparkly secrets shared between friends.
Looking desire in the eye and whispering ‘I love you’s’ to the unlimited being within.
Writing it down.
Ushering in mind-blowing success.

Starting each day with the question: “How can I make this day worth living?”
Giving… wholeheartedly.
Lowering expectations.
Slowing down.
Inhaling and exhaling.

Knowing that the Universe has my back… always.
Choosing to shine my light.
Doing more of what makes me happy.

This is my summer.

+ What about you? Do you agree that summer has a certain ‘vibe’?
+ Does it inspire you? Tell us in the comments below!

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