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This week’s ‘Blogs to Bookmark’ post will really get your mouth-watering, so apologies in advance for any cravings I’m responsible for inciting, especially on a Friday!

Special hello goes out to the gorgeous Celeste (As Seen In), Steph (Watermelon Crush) and Kitty Cotten (Spill the Vintage). Not only are these ladies killing it with their amazing blogs, but they are also all absolutely lovely people to boot. Head over and check out their sites by clicking the pink titles (sorry for saying this each week, the scroll over highlight doesn’t work on the titles so want to make sure you know how to access these fab sites!) x

1. My New Roots



2. Watermelon Crush



3. As Seen In


4. A Beautiful Mess


5. Creature Comforts


6. The Low Flying Duck


7. Spill the Vintage



8. How Sweet It Is



9. Girl Crush 





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4 Comments to “Blogs to Bookmark”

  1. keep em comin Rach! Love all these….. i know i will especially be stopping by ‘how sweet it is’ & ‘creature comforts’…
    soo many amazing blogs, and no where enough time to read them all! Sar x

  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much for including my blog amongst your fabulous bookmark suggestions. You made my week! xo Ez

  3. Sara: I know, is there such a thing as a “full time blog reader”?? I’d like that job!! xx

    Ez and Sarah B: Thank YOU both for creating such inspirational and gorgeous sites – I seriously lose so much time trawling through them and hang out for your updates! Keep up the amazing work ladies, thanks so much for your kind words xxx

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