Offices I’d Be Delighted To Work In

A bit of inspiration for your dream home office or studio. Got a feeling the creative juices would flow like crazy in these awesome spaces!

Images: 1, 2. Emmas Design Blogg  3. Tumblr 4. LaMaison Dannag/ Decor8 5. Sunnys Blog 6. Design Sponge 7. Bloesem 8. Made By Girl 9. The Design Files 10. Unplggd 11. And Flowers Pick Themselves/ Apartment Therapy 12. Designspirationsk 13. Design Sponge 14. Oracle Fox 15. Backyard Bill 16. Hilda Granhat 17. Desire to Inspire 18. Sweet Home Style

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5 Comments to “Offices I’d Be Delighted To Work In”

  1. Yea me too, after recenlty starting a new job my workspace is the definition of B-L-A-N-D! and that is not helping with feeling inspired or creative! i’m now motivated to make my work space beautiful xxx

  2. Hi Rach!
    Great post! Since returning to work from mat leave, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and the messy office and ridiculous piles of paper are contributing to this. Thanks for inspiring me to clean up my act!!

  3. Hey Beth! Hope that feeling of overwhelm dissipates soon, you’re amazing working and looking after little Asher! A nice, organised office will definitely help… and I think flowers/ plants at work fix everything :) xxx

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