A Love-Soaked Letter of Encouragement

Print it out, pin it up, paste it in your diary and refer back to whenever you need a little reassurance.

I wrote the words below for myself originally (because man, did I need them this week) and I know from conversations and impassioned email trails a-plenty that sometimes, you need them too.

Here goes:

Dear {insert your name},

I want you to know that no matter how much or little you get done today, you are enough.

Whether you answer that email in 2 hours or 24, whether you skip out on a catch up with your girlfriends, whether you miss a post or five because you’re needed elsewhere, or you don’t feel like you can add value – it doesn’t matter. You are still enough.

In 6 month’s time, that email/ catch up/ blog post won’t matter, but what will matter is that you started sowing the seeds of self-respect today. That the conviction was felt deep down in your bones and you mustered up the confidence to sit quietly with the rabid unease and the murkiness and the uninspired-ness… and instead of trying to work it all out, to force and push things into tight corners, you just let them be.

Know that:

It’ll get done in good time.

If it doesn’t, it probably didn’t need to be done in the first place.

The malnourished, empty, uninspired parts of yourself will soon be nourished again.

Your muse will reappear.

The vexing, uncomfortable terrain before you will make way for greener soul-scapes.

Before long, you’ll be reminded of your perfect answer to the question “Why?”

You’ve been hitting it a little hard, sweet striving angel of doing-ness, and quite frankly, you need to reel things in a bit. We all do when we’ve been hitting it hard,… so go ahead and fill your empty cup. Lean back. Celebrate your accomplishments. Do something different. Be.

It’s okay to take pause. You’re not a machine, you’re a tender, thriving, vibrant, emotion-filled human being, and going out and living your life deserves your full attention too, y’know.


Your uncrushable, mega-loving Inner Whisper

* I always know when I’m taking IN too much or taking ON too much and I wrote this in my Moleskine after a conversation with a friend where I worked out I currently spend 12 – 13 hours a day “connected” (online), 8 hours sleeping, 1 hour exercising and 2 – 3 hours doing “other.” My friend looked at me like I was insane. “How can you even hear with all that noise in your life?” she asked.

Good question.

It’s an interesting situation to be in when you’re simultaneously as happy as you normally are, but also slightly “off” in a way. That’s how I’ve felt over the past week (I can feel those thoughts literally melting away as I write here now) and I felt compelled to share in case you were feeling the same.

Sometimes we just want someone else to tell us what we need to hear, so here it is. You have permission to drop outta sight for a bit. Hang a sign on your door – virtual, imaginary or otherwise – simply stating:

Operation Replenish Ma Spirit: in progress. 

Image: Miss Lipgloss

37 Comments to “A Love-Soaked Letter of Encouragement”

  1. Dear god I needed that today. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.
    Life is quizzing by and I can’t keep up. I even said to my boyfriend I feel a little ‘off and flat’ tonight…
    Straight onto my vision board at work in the morning.


  2. This letter is speaking straight to my heart, Rach. I’m trying to listen more to myself and allow for the ebbs and flows of life. It’s ok for me not to be ‘moving forward’ every single day. It’s all part of the bigger plan. I need those rest days. The down time. For the BIG things I know are around the corner.

    Thanks lady!

    Vari x

  3. I can’t believe how much I needed to hear this today, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I have been feeling so frustrated and angry with myself for needing to have a break but I am printing this post off, sticking it to my wall and putting a ‘do not disturb’ sign on my door for the next few days. Everyone needs a break.

    You are brilliant darling, thanks so much!

    Soph xx from timetobefabuous.com

  4. Ahh, glad to hear it reached you when you needed it lovely. I’m definitely feeling you on that one – the days ARE whizzing by and I think it’s not only important to check in and ask ourselves “Hey, where am I at right now?” on occasion, but to acknowledge that the flat, uninspired days are essential for incubating new ideas. Or simply enjoying what has been created. xo

  5. Vari: Oh sweets, I know EXACTLY what you mean there. I don’t think we’d ever stop otherwise. Our mojo “sticking” and the slower days are simply a signal to let things simmer a little – and probably save our sanity in the process! It’s so easy online to be caught up in EVERYTHING going on – it’s a constant swirl of action and doing – but there’s something really rewarding about stepping back anyway. xx

    Sophie: Plaster it, girl! Think: What would “insert name of your idol” do? The women I look up to honour their bodies, take breaks when they need to, DELEGATE (super important) and acknowledge that we’re all humans that were not put on this earth to produce amazing things 24/7/365. Take that lead and give yourself some well-deserved down time gorgeous. When you come back, you, and the work you do, will be so much better for it xx

  6. I am repeatedly, wonderfully fascinated at how so many online soul sistas can be resonating at the same frequency at the same time. There is something in the waters!
    I really struggle with feeling this *need* to push myself so hard physically with my exercise, that I either get sick, or get so damn exhausted I feel that I have ‘no choice’ (and am fully justified) in slamming down a family size block of chocolate… On Sunday, at the gym, after completing three weight/cardio circuits over an hour and about to start a fourth despite being completely, utterly spent, I had this realisation of “Jess, if you keep going, you are going to hurt yourself. You need to stop right this minute or you are going to get an injury.”
    So I stopped, which is great that I listened to myself. But then I went home and felt like I’d failed ‘cos I hadn’t completed my allotted workout. Which is not so great…
    So what I am trying to say is: your letter-soaked-in-love-and-honey was very much needed by this here gal. Thank you!

  7. I am completely hearing you loud and clear on this one Rach. I’m feeling like there’s so much going on in my personal life at the moment that I don’t have the energy or thought process to committ to my blog. I’ve been feeling the guilt creep in. When I do find time to sit I begin thinking ‘Oh man I should be writing up a post or checking email etc..’ But I much rather my writing and contribution to come from a place of inspired action.
    I’ve deleted certain social media apps from my phone this past week and I’m thinking a complete break from all things ‘plugged in’ is totally in order.
    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that doing your best in your current situation is more than enough right now.


  8. Wow, yep, I’m in the same boat!!

    Though, today I was downright flat. I know I’ll be happier tomorrow, but today was just one of those days where everything gets a bit much really. *deep breath*

    thanks for this, what a lovely way to round out my evening :) will pop offline now for some quiet of my own, and get some sleep in preparation for the beauty that tomorrow will bring!


  9. Jess: It never ceases to amaze me how these things seem to crop up for many of us at the same time. Collective consciousness, baby!

    I love your comment because you’ve touched on another element – the pressure of expectation and “keeping score”…

    EG: I said I’d do 4. I did 3, therefore I failed.

    Or – other universal examples –

    I normally post 4 days a week and this week I’ll barely scrape 1. I failed.

    I’m meant to exercise every day – and I exercised twice. I failed.

    I missed yoga (again), I ate takeaway for dinner (again), every single one of my plans went awry because the kids were crazy etc – and I failed.

    Any way you look at it, there are opportunities to “fail,” based on our own unrealistic expectations or our fear of adapting/ letting go of the reins a little/ easing the frig up.

    Let’s commit to a new mantra this week. Let’s under promise and over-deliver… IF and WHEN we feel like it. xx

  10. Jenn: The more I examine my own life, the more I realise that you can only be truly “in” with a few things at a time. When work is demanding all my energy (as is the case right now) I’m less creatively inspired here. And vice versa. I find that applies across all aspects of my life and I think this is what you’re talking about too. You’ve got lots going on. You’re spent, maxed, using your energy elsewhere… and that’s okay. Perfectly okay sweetheart. You nailed it when you said you want your contribution to come from a place of inspired action… and BRAVO for that. There are enough mediocre contributions out there, so good on you for building your creativity stocks and switching off a little so that when you come back, you’re really baaaaack. If you know what I mean! Xx

    Emily: I was there on Sunday girlfriend – flatlining all day! Climb into bed, spent a few minutes going over your gratitude list and let your mind-body-spirit rejuvenate and reenergise while you indulge in the sweet splendour of SLEEP. Mmm mmm. Enjoy honey – tomorrow is a bright new day. Let this one slip off into the abyss! Xx

    Jia Ni: Oh yep! Faith not force. Sending so much love + maxo-calming vibes your way tonight babe xo

  11. Oh Rach! This post is so incredibly well-timed I am so, so glad you wrote it and have taken much comfort in your words and the fact others I admire above are resonating the same sentiment. I have been feeling stretched and overwhelmed and really need to take a step back, re-focus and give myself permission to be simply “good enough”, to take-time out to re-align with what is achievable and sustainable and let-go of unrealistic expectations and energy draining commitments.

    You are wonderful x

  12. The show I’m currently working on just got cancelled so I am now without a job and not sure what to do from here. This is so what I needed right now. Thanks!

    I love how doing things that help you and sharing them with your readers, ultimately helps us too. That’s what I love about the online world, as exhausting and demanding of our time as it can be!

  13. i’ve been reading your blog since the start of the year but this is my first time commenting. i just had to say how wonderful this post is and your entire site. i always feel calm and inspired after visiting in spaces between. thank you so much for sharing :)

  14. Thank you gorgeous Cara, and I will respond to your email soon as well! You’ve got so much going on, so take this as your permission slip to PAUSE. Mwah! Xx

    Katherine: Oh hon, I’m sorry to hear that… it seems hazy and confusing right now, but this is temporary. A new job is waiting for you. Promise. Xx

    Sonya: Hearing ya sister! Give yourself some time off this weekend, k? xx

    Claire: You’re welcome xx

    Bon: Muchas gracias – lovely of you to pop in to the comments section, I love hearing from my readers.

    Tara: Kisses to you sweet pea! xx

  15. Oh Rach, you are such an inspirational superstar! I adore this letter and you know that I am in dire need of writing one to myself too. We can’t move forward unless we ease up on ourselves and simply enjoy “being”.
    Life is to be enjoyed rather than being rushed and we need to spend more time connecting with what is important and leaving behind what isn’t. Beautiful as always gorgeous. xx

  16. Wow, was rushing around this morning, I didn’t feel like I had enough time, felt stressed out in a completely blah mood and the darkness around me was getting worse. Than I saw your tweet for the love soaked letter of encouragement. I feel so much better after reading it, more at peace. I needed it badly and I thank the letter and you for putting today into perspective, instea of loosing my shit I know that right now, today, I am enough. No matter what is achieved. Thank you x

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