Invisalign: A Review

I was asked ever-so-nicely by a few readers on Instagram to recount all the juicy details of my experience with Invisalign, so hold onto your dental floss, we’re about to talk teeth!

Invisalign are essentially clear, plastic mouthguards that move/ straighten/ work wonders on your teeth in the same way that traditional metal braces do.

They’re not for everyone for a number of reasons (cost, the fact some people need metal braces to correct other issues such as severe overbites, for example) so let me start by saying that if you’re interested, it’s best to chat to both your regular dentist and book an appointment with an orthodontist to see if these extraordinary pieces of plastic will do what they need to do for you.

* Just on that, my dentist told me they wouldn’t work for me and I think he’s still full from eating a big ol’ piece of humble pie yesterday when I went for my 6 monthly clean!

Why I Got Them


Shown: wearing my Invisalign, one month after getting them. 

I didn’t have braces as a teen as I was lucky to have straight teeth… that is, until my wisdom teeth came down about 5 years ago in my mid-twenties and things started really moving. Overcrowding became a big issue, and I noticed that one of my front teeth was starting to cross over the other, along with some noticeable movement with the teeth on each side and my middle bottom teeth. I’d also started pushing (“thrusting” is apparently the technical term but… wow) my tongue up against my front teeth quite aggressively when I was sleeping. See what I mean? Aggressive thrusting, and… OKAY THEN.

Where were we?

Anyway, when I mentioned my toothy predicament to friends or Ramai, they’d laugh and say “Your teeth are fine” but then I’d show them a photo and they’d say “Oh, yep, I get it now” and with a wedding on the cards – ergo, photos a-plenty – it was decided that off I would trot to get fitted for what became affectionately referred to as my “Vizzy’s.”

The Process*


Shown: wearing Invisalign, 2 months in. 

+ Impressions, X-rays and photos are taken of your teeth and are then turned into a 3-D image so you can see the kind of results you’ll get. At this point, you pay a deposit, which for me was around $3000. The Invisalign cost me $8000 in total which I paid in montly installments.

+ At your first fitting, you’ll be shown how to get the trays in and out of your mouth as you take them off to eat and drink hot drinks. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably think THERE’S NO FREAKING WAY I’M GETTING THESE BAD BOYS ON AND OFF BY MYSELF, but then after playing in the mirror at home, you’ll get the hang of it quick sticks. Promise.

+ You’re then given a batch of trays that need to be changed every fortnight, and for the first day or so, you’ll feel some pain and sensitivity as they start to whip your teeth into line. I had mine on for 12 months all up and I found for the first 6 months I really noticed a dull ache for the first day of a new set (sometimes randomly, mostly after I’d put them back in after having them out to eat), but later on in the process, when my teeth were more mobile, I’d whip them in and out like nobody’s bizness with very little pain at all.

My hot tip here is to put your new ones on at night so the movement begins while you’re sleeping.

* may vary depending where you get them done. I got mine at Gullotta Orthodontics on the Gold Coast (very professional, highly recommend).

The Rules + Other Stuff


+ You need to wear your Invisalign for 20 – 22 hours a day, which means popping them out to eat, rinsing your mouth out and then getting them straight back in. Because I’m a nerd and did just that, if I had a party or a work dinner where I couldn’t pull them in and out repeatedly without looking disgusting (Oh, don’t mind me just fishing around in my mouth at the table, guys!) I’d just keep them out for a block of a few hours. Which is OK sometimes, but should not be “the norm” if you want them to actually do what you hope.

+ To clean: you’re given a special coarse brush and told to clean the aligners every morning and night with mouthwash, but I found that towards the end of the 2 weeks before I was about to pop in the new set, they would get rather UGH, so I soaked them in Steradent denture tablets which worked an absolute treat.*

+ Attachments: or as we called them, “shark fins.” These are small and tooth-coloured and applied to any teeth that need extra assistance to move (they create more friction/ tightness between the aligner and your teeth). They do make it harder to get the trays in and out of your mouth at first, but you get used to them. They also make your Invisalign slightly less “invisible” but remember, no one notices them as much as you – in fact, lots of people never even knew I had them on.

+ Elastics: like the sharkeys, I wasn’t the hugest fan of the elastics and thankfully they were only on for a short period of time. These are to encourage faster movement, and honestly, once you’re into the process, you just want to do everything you can to help achieve an amazing result.

How these work: small buttons are attached to your back teeth (bottom ones) and slits are made in the top aligners towards the back. The tiny elastics then slide into the slits and are wrapped around the buttons to create more tension.

* Not recommended in the manual, but I found this to work well if used occasionally.

A.I (After Invisalign)


Taken straight after my last orthodontist appointment! 

I finished my 12 month treatment 2 weeks ago and part of ensuring my teeth stay as straight as they now are means I have a bar stuck behind my upper and lower teeth, and I have to wear a plastic mouthguard (retainer) to bed every night for the first 6 months, and eventually once a week (forever). Of course, that’s up to me, but after doling out the cash and being super vigilant for the past year, you can bet I’ll doing everything I can to keep them in line, so to speak.

Why I Loved Them


Straight teeth on our wedding day = hooray!

Don’t laugh, but I actually grew quite fond of my Vizzy’s. I think it was the psychological aspect of knowing that when they were on they were working their magic, but I think most importantly, I loved that I could see them moving and straightening as I went along.

I love food and was stoked that I didn’t have to cut anything out of my diet like you do with regular braces (well except chewing gum, but it’s no good for you anyway). I also have to admit that the fact I could pretend I wasn’t in the middle of a teeth straightening adventure if I needed to (like at my birthday soiree, for instance) was a pretty big win, and something that you can’t say about our friend Mr Metal.

So that’s it, a totally unsponsored, completely honest account of my experience with Invisalign. I hope that answers a few questions!

+ What about you – have you ever had braces? What did you think of them? Have you ever thought about Invisalign?

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  1. thanks for this post lovely. Glen is wanting to look into doing this too, so it was good to hear all about your experience and I can show him your post :) I might have to email you more questions, if thats ok.

  2. I had Mr Metal for 2.5 years in my mid twenties. While they were in there to do a job, boy having ceramic/metal braces ruined my confidence.
    Time over again I would go the Vizzy route and when my braces cost $6000, an extra $2000 is not much more for some sanity.
    I have also become slightly teeth, mouth, smile obsessed. Your wedding day smile is perfection!!

  3. Liss: Of course honey, email away once you speak to Glen and see if he has any other q’s! Definitely recommend Gullotta in Southport as well if he decides to do it. xx

    KP: I know, when I was first told by my dentist that I’d need the ceramic braces for 2 years, my heart sank – but honestly, I’m SO happy I sought a second opinion. 1 year on and my Vizzy’s did the job perfectly! Bet your smile is absolutely stunning after sticking it out with Mr Metal :) xx

  4. Excited to see this post – I’m 3 weeks in to my ‘Vizzy’ process! Yep on the ouch for the first couple of days. I’d gotten all smug by the end of the first 2 weeks, then changed into the next set and was reminded about the pain! I have alot of attachments though, so makes it abit more difficult to get them in and out – and very visible, with attachments on my front teeth…but good news is they will be done in 6 – 8 months – my ortho gives a device called an Acceledent which I use for 20mins each day to increase blood flow in the gums, and accelerate movement, so I’ll be changing trays every week after the first 6 weeks, making the whole process alot quicker. Can Not Wait!

  5. Oh this post makes me sad and happy all at the same time!
    I am in my mid-twenties, and I currently have the ‘evil metal’ braces on, which I have had for the last 18 months or so. They initially told me I would have them on for two years, which, based on how vague my orthodontist seems every time I see him, I will no doubt have them on for longer :(
    I looked into getting Invisalign about 5 years ago, and my biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to do it, is do it sooner rather than later. If I had’ve got them when I first started looking into it, my teeth would have been all fixed, with a much easier (and invisible!) process, and at a much lesser cost to what they are now – altogether around $10,000. These should be my glory years for having photos of myself (I’ll never look like this when I’m 50!), but seeing the images of you remind me that it will all be worth it once it is finally over. Thanks Rach x

  6. Great post, Rach.
    I am 9 months into a 10 month Ivasalign treatment (4 week countdown, yippee!) and cannot reccomend them highly enough.
    Anyone I didn’t tell I had them, has been none the wiser. The little buttons honestly don’t show unless someone is about a mm away from the tooth in question, and really, who does that?
    The fact that you are able to pay in monthly installments makes it a lot more managable too. And I think it has been worth every cent for the oodles of smiley confidence I’ve earnt back.

  7. Becs: Hello fellow Invisaligner! Haha. Oh I didn’t have the accelerator but that sounds amazing. Woot woot! xx

    Tegan: As you can probably tell, I can’t recommend them enough! xx

    CJ: It is soooo going to be all worth it honey, two years (give or take) is nothing when you think of how many you have ahead of you with a dazzling smile. Keep on keeping on! xx

    Jen: Wow, such a community of plastic mouthguarded ladies. HEE! I agree 100% with all your comments. Loved ’em! xx

  8. Tara: I used the at-home whitening gel off and on over the last 2 weeks before our wedding and that lightened them. A dentist once told me my natural tooth colour was pretty light (A1 I think?) which I put down to not drinking coffee or red wine.

    In saying that, I reckon the camera makes them look whiter than real life!!! xx

  9. Loved reading your post Rach as I’m week three into my treatment and so far so good! It was a challenge getting them in and out and first, but now it all seems pretty normal. You’re teeth look amazing, so I’m very glad to hear that you’re happy with how the whole process went xx

  10. Your teeth are amazing!
    Having spent most of my life in the dental chair (no exaggeration!) and after three sets of braces, I married a dentist (true story, but I swear it had nothing to do with paying the bills, ha!) Finally I had Invisalign done before my wedding too. Best investment of time and money and it totally eradicates the trauma of adult metal braces (all my 21st photos!). I am so happy with my teeth and I too also have permanent retainer on the back of my teeth. I couldn’t recommend it enough! Great post Rachel!

  11. Your teeth look amazing!

    I had braces about 11 years ago. My ortho only kept them on for 8 months, and so being 15 at the time I didn’t object as I couldn’t wait to get them off. He didn’t apply the bar behind my teeth and now they have moved and continue to do so, and they have become quite uncomfy.

    So after this very personal post of yours, I am inspired to follow in your footsteps. Thanks so much. So appreciative!


  12. Your teeth look amazing!

    I had braces about 11 years ago. My ortho only kept them on for 8 months, and so being 15 at the time I didn’t object as I couldn’t wait to get them off. He didn’t apply the bar behind my teeth and now they have moved and continue to do so, and they have become quite uncomfy.

    So after this very personal post of yours, I am inspired to follow in your footsteps. Thanks so much. So appreciative!


  13. Hi Rach,

    Just a big big BIG thank you for your fab review!

    I was one of the folk harassing you on Insta and to be honest I haven’t stop thinking about your teeth since your after photo (in the least creepy way possible). I have my first consultation on Monday arvo and just quietly I cannotwait!

    Thanks again!
    Neha. X

  14. Lot of people like to get dental treatment for making their teeth straight and change their look.

    Happy to hear that you undergone invisalign and got cured.

    Your post will be very useful and make the other ones to prefer invisalign.

  15. Hi,

    I’m currently in Invisalign and on my 13th month. Like most people I know who have had them, I had to get a “correction” or new impressions and a new set of trays which more than doubled my time in them. You’re review was interesting to read, but one thing I will say is that you’re not actually supposed to use denture cleaner on them, I believe it says so in the manual. Perhaps you should edit that because it isn’t good advice to be giving, and honestly I’m not 100% sure on this, but I believe mouthwash can tint them colors so it would make them more visible. I recommend just brushing them with an extra soft toothbrush and sensitive (regular contains abrasives that can cloud the liners) toothpaste.

    • Thanks Laura, have added that note – the Steradent didn’t have any affect on mine, but it’s up to the individual. The mouthwash was clear so there was no discolouration (and recommended by my orthodontist). Best of luck with your Invisalign and thanks for popping by!

  16. Thanks for putting that info out for the world to see and find in a simple google search! I am about to take the plunge into invisalign, and going to try and channel your fondness for the vizzy’s for my experience.

  17. Wow you look gorgeous before and after invisalign. You have such a stunning face I dont thnk anybody would notice your teeth although they looked goid even before braces. But well done for completing your treatment!

  18. Hi! I found your blog by typing “Invisalign reviews” and your review popped up on the front page (yay!). Anyway, thank you for this. I realized I’m more insecure about my teeth than I realized and want to correct them, but I don’t want to wear metal braces because my mouth/teeth are little and I’d look 16 (I’m 27!).

    Thank you for your input. Definitely worth speaking to the dentist/orthodontist about :)

  19. Thank you so much for writing about your experience! it’s really helped me over come my fear of the whole process and i’m getting ready to start next month!!

  20. Hello There!

    I am on day 2 of my invisalign, yay! At first, i thought how on earth am i going to be able to do this for a whole year! But even after 24 hours I am getting used to them. I think it is more physchological and getting used to having something in my mouth. I am also a gum addict, so this is bitter sweet as my addiction was getting pretty bad! One thing i need advice on, is that my mouth is ALWAYS dry even through the night and I can’t stop drinking water! Do you have any suggestions?? Also, i love my iced coffees, does anyone know if we can drink this with the vizzy’s in? I am getting the ‘buttons’ in a month which i am quite nervous about but from this review, I feel more at ease :) I am feeling so impatient, I cannot wait to see progress lol

    Thank you for the tips!
    Heather x

    • Hi there! How was your progress a year later? Just started this week and would love some inspiration as I am having a little bit of a tough time :)

  21. thanks for posting your story, it’s good to see a real insight into it.
    I am currently considering Invisalign and I had a question for you, is the 3-D pic that they put together for you initially accurate? did your end result look exactly like the 3-D pic? thanks

  22. I am 14 mos into what was supposed to be 9-12 mos treatment. My back teeth no longer meet with the trays off and orthodontist is saying I need hooked trays and few months more of treatment. I think I will bail and wait for the bite to fix itself. Disappointed he never told me about the accelerant option. Also never told me in beginning of possibility that I would need new molds and trays part-way through, causing delay. I am soooo ready to be finished. And no one mentioned that when you take the trays out for those 2hours/day you have extra saliva and tend to spit when you talk.

    • Sue, do you know what caused your back teeth to not touch? Did the tray cover all of your teeth? Do you have wisdom teeth still? Has the situation resolved?

  23. I just began this process and have to wait 2 weeks before getting them on my teeth. I never had braces but one of my kids did. I don’t look forward to the speech part since I’ve been conscientious of my speech issue at times. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as anticipating my journey will be for the next year Wasn’t told about a wire behind my teeth unless it’s a retainer which is removable and to be only at night for me. I plan on brushing 3x day to keep my teeth clean and breath fresh in between meals.

  24. Thanks for posting this. I’m considering the vizzys. I had braces in high school, as my teeth were pretty horrendous and while they so much better than they originally were they have moved a little again and I have a few teeth on the bottom that are cross bite, one in particular sits in front of one of my canine uppert teeth.

    I certainly can’t afford it now but it seems pretty easy and effective!

  25. I had a similar reason to try Invisalign. After 50 years of a healthy teeth and smile, I had three teeth that were drifting slightly forward in front. I was told I was an “express case, but was kept in trays for over a year and every tooth in my mouth was moved so that I cannot bite down or chew. My provider kept answering my concerns with “Your occlusion is perfect and your smile is beautiful.” What good is a beautiful smile if I cannot eat? Now I have severe and painful TMD, chipping teeth, and very expensive treatment options with no guarantee of results. DO NOT let a general dentist provide your Invisalign. Orthodontists receive many more years of an education specializing in moving teeth.

  26. For those of you considering Invisalign…

    As a dentist (in the Centreville, Va. area) I do recommend Invisalign for patients that are looking for correction without getting traditional wire/metal braces. However, it is important to note that Invisalign is not your only option.

    A couple of other options you should ask your service provider about are ClearCorrect and Simpli5. A person’s makeup with regards to their teeth can be as unique as footprints, so it is important to discuss all of your options with your dentist.


    Dr. Bae

  27. I’m on week 3 and have the full ache back again.
    Finally getting used to them! But can’t wait to start seeing results & to be over!
    The first orthodontist I saw completely told me not to waste my money on Invisalign, but my best friend had them so she had encouraged me to go to her dentist that did them! I’m so thankful I didn’t cause I was I’m line for metal braces. Moving my front teeth back and correcting my overbite & some side spacing. I feel Ike people are staring at these so I can’t imagine how embarrassed I would be in metal braces! At 30 years old.
    So far do good. No pAin no gain right … the cleaning tips! Great blog! :) your look gorgeous!!!

  28. I had metal braces 3 yrs in my 30s. I am 65 yrs and teeth are more crooked than ever. Did you have any problems with gagging on trays or retainer? Does the wire behind the teeth (when straightening is complete) interfere with tooth health and cleaning? Thanks so much for your explicit description of the process.

  29. Hi Rachel! I stumbled across your Invisalign review months ago, and finally took the plunge myself and am going through my first week. I had metal braces when I was younger, and naturally there has been some shifting since then which has always bugged me. With my wedding next summer, I figured it was time to bite the bullet. I must admit I am having a hard time adjusting. Aside from the general discomfort which I hope will subside, I am really making a point to wear them optimally 20-22 hrs a day. This means that consuming food/beverages is no longer fun and more so a very structured, calculated routine that right now feels like the enemy. I am always trying to quickly eat and be done with it so I can brush up and pop them back in my mouth. And then there’s snacking, which I need to do a few times a day aside from meals, which feels like a luxury I can’t afford. I was curious how you managed that aspect of it all, without letting it make you stressed out and crazy. Any words of wisdom woudl be really appreciated!

  30. Hi,
    I just started Invisalign and am almost done with my first tray. A lot of people talk about discomfort. I pop mine in and out and there is no discomfort at all. It is a little hard getting used to the feeling that “something” is in your mouth or like something is stuck to your teeth. It’s a little weird. You do get used to it, but I am a teacher and am worried that when I go back to teaching I will still have the lisp that comes with having the Ivisalign in my mouth. Does anyone know if the lisp goes away after awhile? I only did Invisalign for cosmetic reasons because my teeth aren’t crooked or anything and aren’t event that bad. I just have a few tiny spaces that I want to see closed and want my teeth to be really perfect. I’m glad I took the plunge, but I just hope the lisp part goes away. It’s hard to pronounce the S and Z sounds.

    • Hi Kim-
      I am a little over a week into my Invisalign treatment, and I can totally relate to your concern regarding your speech/slight lisp as I felt the same way, and have a job where I am constantly speaking. After just a week, I feel like I am speaking 99.9% normally with them. I think I’ll be at 100% by the end of this week. It absolutely will go away! My first few days with the trays in were tough, and I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into. Anyone I now tell I am wearing them is shocked as they really have no idea. Your speech will definitely adjust, and if anything, you’ll be the only one who feels like you are speaking differently because you are so self-aware, other people won’t even notice. I too am making slight adjustments to my teeth, most people were surprised I was even doing Invisalign, but it was something I had wanted to do for a long time to get my teeth as “perfect” as possible. Good luck!!

  31. I turned 56 last month and got my Invisalign this week. I figured it was now or never. My top teeth are okay but I’ve always had crooked bottom teeth and was so self conscious of them I thought everyone was looking at them (and some people did.) When my one year old grandson tried to reach into my mouth toward the bottom teeth I said “enough.” They fit okay, had some learning to do to take them out, I never lisped because I don’t want anyone to know I have them (trying to see how long it takes before anyone notices.) My daughter noticed the first day but my husband doesn’t have a clue! I am used to eating small meals and snacking between meals. I had to forget that as they are so far a production getting them out. So I try to make sure I eat enough at meals to hold me for four hours or so. I’ve never been a breakfast person so I do take off the Invisalign until after lunch. I only brush my tongue in the mornings. Maybe not a good idea but that’s what I’ve decided to do for now. It takes about 30 minutes to eat a meal even if I have everything ready before I take them off. That’s an hour a day for just two meals. My orthodontist said he had a patient who had hers off 11 weeks early. She was very careful about the amount of time she kept the Invisalign on her teeth. That’s my goal. Course I just started so I don’t know what changes I may need to do after my first check up!

  32. Hi there! Thanks for sharing your Invisalign journey. I am about ready to embark on the same adventure — in about 3-4 weeks when my trays come in! I have a huge question for you. I’ve spent too much time researching this tonight and thought I’d ask: How are the bonded retainers working for you? My ortho said he’d want to install the bar behind my lower bottom teeth (but not the top). I’m SO afraid I’ll notice it and am tempted to use a removable retainer. I do a lot of speaking (am in Marketing for a large pharma company). :) What is your advice now that you’re a couple of years in? Are the bonded retainers worth it or would you recommend the removable? I’ve heard they are hard to clean and can irritate you — is that true or were they a worthwhile investment? My treatment will cost me $3000. But I also think I’ll remember the retainer at night now that I’m in my mid-30s! (Yes, I decided to do this a bit later in life before my two kids need braces of their own!). Thanks for the help – and by the way, your teeth look phenomenal! :)

  33. I love my invasilines. One dentist did a poor job on them. i got another dentist to take over the treatment and I could not be happier. I had already worn regular braces three yes three times. I had one bottom tooth that kept overlapping. This dentist used diamond sanders to make the tooth a hair smaller so it would fit into its spot. before it was like putting square peg into a circles hole. Mine cost 4000. The last dentist got the first dentist to pay him to finish the job so I lucked out. I’m 65 and they were so easy to wear and now finally everything is how I wanted it.

  34. Those of you that have posted about Invisalign, do you have wisdom teeth with the Invisalign? Do the trays cover your wisdom teeth? I had braces as a teenager and was just quoted on Invisalign Express. The orthodontist is suggesting removal of my wisdom teeth. They are in good health but have super erupted due to clear retainers that did not cover those teeth. At this point i am very scared about having the wisdom teeth out.

  35. Hi Kay,

    I am on week 3 of the Invisalign treatment, and have all of my wisdom teeth. I’m sure it’s a case by case basis, but, I have heard and know friends and family that have had their wisdom teeth removed, only to have their teeth shift over time. My retainers do not cover my wisdom teeth.

    For anyone else that has gone through the Invisalign treatment; I finished putting on my second tray last night, and when I first put them on, they were a bit painful, like the first time, and it almost felt as if they would not fit my teeth. I was thinking to myself; did the first retainers not move my teeth enough? I’m going to speak with my ortho about it this week so that he can shed some light on the subject. Just wanted to know if anyone else had the same experience. Also, does anyone know if it’s ok to press up and down on the retainers while they’re in your mouth? When I press up on them, on my top teeth, I feel like the retainer covers the teeth completely, but then again, I guess if it did cover it completely, then it wouldn’t be pushing it?

    I’m probably just paranoid, but again, wanted to know if anyone had similar thoughts or an experience with them.

    Great review Rachel! Thank you!!!


  36. There are now several treatment options with Invisalign -depending on the severity of the case. These options include Invisalign i7, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign full. Fees vary depending on the complexity of the case and the experience of the provider carrying out the treatment. For really really simple cases the fee could be as little as $2000 – but for the really complex cases the fee could be as high as $9000. The average seems to be around $7000. Payment plans are available to make treatment affordable – irrespective of which option is right for you!

  37. Thank you for this post, I got my Invisalign yesterday and cried the whole way home. With the attachments and air pockets I was sure it was so noticeable. It made me immediately self conscious and I hope it will fade in time. This was one positive post I was happy to read, instead of so many others that didn’t like the experience. Thank you!

    • Jessica- how is it going now? Are you done yet? I just started yesterday and I am soooo self concious! I have some buttons on the lower and feel like everyone notice,

  38. Although possibly you have been born with straight teeth, or had braces like a teenager, your teeth are most likely moving. In fact, a recent study shows that our skeletons maintain growing, and going, well into our own 90s. Genetics, decay, clenching/grinding, and tooth loss can all cause a less-than-ideal smile.

  39. Thank you for this post! I just got my Invisalign yesterday and have been reading some info today about how you are more susceptible to cavities during the Invisalign treatment. Some people say that even with good hygiene they can occur. So now I’m scared! Did you get any cavities during the process?

  40. Hi! I’m on my 2nd tray. The first one was without attachments. I just got them a few days ago. I’m quite ok with that (although i was very anxious at first, but nobody seems to notice them – Oh and for the record: i have 21 attachments). I’m going to have those elastic-thingies too (well, just one). My question for you was if by chance, you could post or e-mail me a picture of you having them on? I’m so not looking forward to that although I know iIreally need it.
    thank you so much.

  41. Hi,
    I Have Just Started my Invasalign treatment. I have had them on for a week today. At start they were hurting a lot as I have buttons on pretty much every tooth & with the new pressure inside my mouth but now a week later they do not hurt at all. is this normal? I have them in pretty much all the time but I do take them out when I eat morning lunch and dinner. I even chew the plastic chewie’s they give you to make sure they are on correctly.

  42. Thanks – great review. I just started the process and it was nice to read a positive review with practical help included. Thanks for taking the time.

  43. 2 1/2 days with my new Vizzy’s. A little difficult to get used to. Not sure if it’s because my teeth are so wonky that it’s cause uncomfortableness. Extreme dry mouth and sore’s popping up on the underside of my gums from the fins on the Vizzy’s. I am very excited to have them and have always dreamed of that perfect smile since I was a child (now 48), so to me, every aspect of this experience is so worth it. Got my Vizzy’s this past Thursday and somewhat look forward to my 2nd set this coming Thursday in which he told me he’s going to place buttons and rubberbands to correct my bite alignment. I just can’t image how good my teeth will look at the end of this process, but I can’t wait. As soon as I put the Vizzy’s in, I could feel the slight movement of my teeth. I’m glad I found this thread, cause the dry mouth and the irritation had me wondering if it was just me. Talking about breaking some bad habits cause of the Vizzy’s==I can’t bite my nails any more which is a plus and I don’t snack because of the inconvenience of taking them out and rinsing, which is also a big plus in that I could stand to loose a few pounds. Lol

  44. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m almost 2 weeks into my first set, and it’s been a bit of an adjustment as far as my eating routine, but I’m getting used to it and am ready to go the distance for a year.
    I have some gaps that I’ve always wanted to close up, so that’s why I have chosen invisalign.
    Reading so many negative accounts from people who have had invisalign, this is very refreshing. I like that you share what your experience was like, without saying “it’s the best for everyone” or “it’s awful! do not try it”.
    Thanks for the push of confidence! Can’t wait to start seeing results :)

  45. Thanks for sharing Rachel – really great post. I’m also interested in how you’re getting on now – have your teeth kept in their desired position or are they moving back slowly? I’m thinking about having some Invisalign treatment and it’s great to read the pros and cons.

  46. Just started week 1 & I’m 80! All my teeth are crowding toward the center & crooked so had to do something because I plan on being around for another 20 years at least & want to look my best. The rough edges are hard to get used to but my dentist works with me to ease any problems. The hardest part is getting them in & out & I have the broken nails to prove it. I realized my dentist got them in & out in a snap. Why? He was wearing rubber gloves. I bought a package of disposable gloves & now in seconds out the trays come. Takes time & patience to get to the end of this adventure but I am very optimistic & look forward to straight teeth.

  47. Hi, just got them yesterday. I gotta tell you, I feel a lot of tightness. I am talking funny. I have a sore under my upper lip due to a rough edge in the liners. I read, I can file them down, so I will be doing that today. I slept pretty well thank God. I am 46 and I thought long and hard about getting them. In my mind, I felt like if I didn’t get my teeth straightened when I was a teen,and have lived with my teeth the way they are, why bother now? But after talking to a friend, I realized that if it’s something that truly bothers me every time I smile or look at a picture, I should do it. Two years should go by pretty fast. Right? Anyhow, thank you for this article because it gives me hope to hang in there! The struggle is real!!!! LOL!

  48. I just recently tried aligners. The procedure for putting in the mount points was quick, painless, and easy. They really are invisible (I had traditional braces as a kid). They are also much easier to clean (they can be removed). The aligners and mount points caused serious abrasion, pain, and bleeding. I expected the speech adaptation, but talking and swallowing become so painful I could no longer do my job (I’m an Airline Pilot and we talk on the radio a lot). I tried several recommendations to remedy, but in the end I lost everything I spent and got nothing. There is no warranty, so buyer beware.

  49. Hi there! I am interested in getting Invisalign, as I also never got braces as a teen. My question is actually about your wisdom teeth – did you have them removed before starting the procedure? Mine are starting to come in (I’m 20 and have 1 that’s partially erupted and 1 that feels like it’s about to erupt), and I just really want to keep them if that’s at all possible. Thank you!

    • Hi Emily,
      Wisdom teeth don’t need to be extracted because you are having Invisalign (unless the dentist or orthodontist wants to move teeth back into that space which can be tricky). Wisdom teeth only need to be removed if they are not going to erupt in a straight fashion. This can lead to the tooth in front becoming decayed over time. It is best to have an honest chat with your dentist about the pros and cons of leaving the wisdom teeth in. If there is room there, then you should try to keep them where possible.

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