A Goal a Week Before 2013: Dreamin’ + Schemin’

{WEEK 3: 5 – 11 Nov}

This “scaled back” approach to my goals is really working for me. Like, really working. A magnificent sense of calm has washed over me and I feel centred, energised – and funnily enough – jazzed to go over and above (in a good way, not one that impinges on my happiness).

In the past little while I’ve uncovered something I’ve always believed at my very core, but have often layered with blankets of busyness: simplifying is incredibly powerful. In establishing laser-sharp, uncomplicated goals, I’ve suddenly gotten very clear about A Lot of Things, a lot of really exciting things in fact. In simplifying my life – just a little, not too much – two opportunities have presented themselves to me in the past week, shimmering with promise and delight… and the best part is, there’s been enough space in my life to accept them.

I’ve said it a bajillion times before but it’s worth repeating: big shifts happen when we set intentions and meet those intentions halfway with action. 

Last week my focus was creativity. I spent the week visualising the words “creative flow” on waking each day – my morning ritual – and I had fun crafting decorations for my birthday (sneak peeks above).

Ramai and I went stick hunting, I marvelled at the grandness of nature in all its divine beauty, I wrote love-soaked observations in my Moleskine and I felt more creative all week. I became it, letting it sit gently on my skin.

This week, the spotlight’s on DREAMIN’ + SCHEMIN.’ New vision boards, new affirmations, moodboards for my blog redesign, mind mapping and a kinesiology sesh thrown in for good measure!

I’D LOVE TO KNOW: how are you going with your goals so far? What will you focus on this week? Share away in the comments below!

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  1. I completely agree – simplicity is key. Paring everything back creates so much more room for the good stuff. Oh and dreamin’ and schemin’ – love it! Be sure to share your tips and tricks. :)

    Slightly off topic, but I think you should totally give us interior junkies a little sneak peek of your home styling. Your decor is stunning!

  2. I’m absolutely loving these A Goal A Week Before 2013 posts!

    Last week you inspired me to get all the nagging, nitty gritty stuff done. Now that it’s out of the way it feels like a weight has been lifted and my other more inspiring and important goals can flow freely for the rest of the year.

    Thank you :)

  3. Brilliant work, Rach! So happy to hear that you have the mojo flowing, are feeling inspired, and that all of this is magically creating beautiful moments for you….bless!

    This week I’m continuing to focus on setting my intentions for what I want to manifest in my life, for me, and re-focusing more of the abundant amount of energy I give to everyone else to more healthy, positive, soul-boosting, personal-enriching, Shanny-lifting experiences.

    I’m focusing on being at ease with being alone and channelling my energy into other areas of my life, areas that will enrich me, nurture my spirit, help me to continue to heal my heart, learn more acceptance, and prepare me for life back home when I return from my travels…

    Thank you for your beautiful words xo

  4. Oh Rachel, how I am loving this series of posts!

    I think what I am particularly loving about goal setting at the moment is that the chunk of time between now and New Years is (1) sufficiently long enough that SO MUCH SEEMS POSSIBLE, and (2) simultaneously, is short enough that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, and I am absolutely okay with working hard and maybe sacrificing a few things, because it’s not forever and the outcomes seem close enough that I can almost see/touch/smell them…

    Some of last week’s goals I smashed out of the ball-park, some not so much. I’ve re-assessed this week, and prioritized even within the goals that I have set. Prioritising is one of the best tools I use, hands down. In a busy or tired or stressed moment, it can be difficult to evaluate what you should do: eg, if you come home from work tired, and you know you are just about spent, but you want to do something productive and progressive. Sometimes I’ll get a bit overwhelmed and confused if I think of all the things I *should* be doing and may have planned on doing (writing and meditating and yoga-ing and exercising and organising and… Oh My!), but if I have a very clear hierarchy in my goals, then I know what I should spend my energy on if it is limited. Right now, my physical health/weight is my number one focus/priority. Which makes evaluating everything else so much easier.

    So… I put my new post-its on the wall last night, and I look forward to removing all of them by the end of the week! Killing it!!!


  5. Sonya: Got it in one girlfriend! And I may just do that down the track when we (finally) move house! x

    Josceiln: Good to hear lovely, sounds like a productive week. Feels so good to clear through the detritus, doesn’t it?! x

    Shanny: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Inner work + soul-boosting sounds divine. x

    Jess: Yes! Know exactly what you mean. Prioritising is definitely super important, especially when you measure the task against your energy, and that ol’ chestnut, how you want to FEEL.

    Post It walls for the win! x

  6. Woot! Love this series.

    Last week’s goal was to clear out our office space. While we still have a lot of junk on the floor of the living room, this is al to be donated or is on ebay. Still need to reorganise furniture, but I consider this goal achieved!

    This week I’m focusing on admin. Boring, but totally necessary. Banking, chasing invoices, medicare, filing, scanning, you name it – I will be on top of my paperwork by next week!!!

    Simplicity is key indeed, anything else I achieve this week will be a bonus :)

  7. Agree with everyone. Simplicity is so key. When people ask me how I managed to start my own business and move abroad at 27, I always say “I simplified my life to the absolute essence and was rewarded with soulful abundance.” That always throws them for a loop!

  8. Thanks lovely Vari, isn’t it just – like dusting off old treasures that have been relegated to the corner of the room! x
    Emily: Good on you honey, that is definitely a big tick! You’re going to feel amazing by next week – office cleared, niggling admin tasks nailed… look out! X

    Kate: Mmm, that statement is DELICIOUSLY GOOD. A beautiful reminder that less is very often more. x

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