Life Reset: The Power of Just One Word

I’ve been contemplating a shimmering guide word to hone in on for the remainder of the Life Reset and I think I’ve finally found the perfect one.

I usually do this at the beginning of the year on a grander scale, filling a page in my diary with love-soaked words and phrases I know will fire me up when I need them to, but I’ve decided to drill down to just one special word that makes me tingle. Something vivid. Something alive, that leaves me feeling inspired and infallible.

The word actually picked me this time.

(I’ll explain).

2011 has been expansive, full to the brim – in output and reward – and completely transformative.

I’ve launched this here bloggity blog with a humble heart and a steely resolve.
I’ve travelled to Melbourne once (with another trip planned for next month) and Sydney twice, because the wandering gypsy in me tugs at my coattails if I don’t keep my feet moving.
I’ve visited New York and San Francisco (both for the second time). Reasons the same as above.
I’ve said goodbye to my best friend with tears in my eyes and nurtured shiny new friendships on and offline.
I’ve been interviewed here and here, and together with my man, I’ve shovelled an amount of cashola into our wedding fund that deserves an applause (in my eyes).
I’ve embarked on a love affair with our SLR. Things are getting serious now.
I’ve planned bits and pieces of our wedding – with a few changes along the way – and I’m about to put my nostrils to the grindstone and prove why short deadlines = success (for moi).
I’ve started a new role at work – one that I angled to get and was kindly recommended for – and in 9 months, I feel proud to say I’ve kicked some pretty big goals.
I finally bit the bullet and got Invisalign braces after talking about them for months. They’re kinda brilliant. If you’re dreaming of super straight teeth too, take that as my glowing recommendation.
I’ve learnt lessons, I’ve stretched, I’ve cogitated and I’ve evolved.

I always knew 2011 would be a beautiful year… and there’s so much more to come!

Guiding Light

As I sat at the beach a few days ago, my word for the Life Reset (and one I’ll be tucking under my arm for the rest of the year) came to me in a flash:


1. giving off light; shining; bright
2. filled with light; illuminated
3. clear; readily understood

This delightful word sums up what In Spaces Between is all about, and definitely sums up the way I want to feel during and after this Life Reset.

L U M I N O U S loveliness.

+ What about you? What one word deeply resonates with you? Check out some great examples for inspiration if you’re stuck and be sure to share it with us in the comments below!

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9 Comments to “Life Reset: The Power of Just One Word”

  1. What an amazing year for you Rach! Congratulations lovely lady :) Loooove luminous!

    Thanks for inspiring me to find a new word..for a long time my word has been ‘authentic’ and I finally feel like I’m there now. Will stew on it for a few days but I’m loving faith, abundance and release..hmmm..

  2. Thanks so much beautiful, I’m loving it too! 2011 has been amazing.

    Well I can definitely say you have NAILED authentic and I love the other words you’ve selected as well! Choosing 3 words seems to be a popular choice so you might have just found yours! Thank you for stopping by with your lovely words xxx

  3. i really admire your positivity!!
    You’ve acheived so much this year!
    I guess when you get sucked into day to day life you forget to just look back at what youve actually done this year, you’ve made me look back at my year and you know, Ive done allright too :)

  4. Absolutely, it’s so nice to look back and realise the whole year wasn’t ALL about getting up, going to work, crashing out at night and repeating the cycle all over again! Thanks for stopping by Ashley xx

  5. My word is balance. Coincidentally, my initials are BAL. A friend made this connection recently, and it was a light-bulb moment! Balanced is exactly how I strive to live, and describes me perfectly. I love that “my word” was chosen for me, and I didn’t even realize. :)

  6. The word “simplicity” became very important to me in 2004 and still resonates strongly with me. I also love the two words of my blog because to me it represents part of my story that I share on there. “Lucent”. “Imagery”. Light, simplicity, taking in the sights as best I can, capturing those images, all while staying true to my own desires. Lovely work and love your word!

  7. Wow, that’s beautiful – love simplicity as well (and this one really resonates with me this year!) and I love how your words are your business name. Beautiful alignment! Thanks for your comment xx

  8. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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